Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Birds

Today is a day to put aside party politics and just party!

First, we have the Habitat for Humanity house dedication--the one that Ken has been working on with his company--at noon. That probably won't take very long, and we'll head home for a little while. (Probably watch a little football.) Later in the afternoon, we'll head over to my sister Diana's house to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday! Her birthday isn't until the 15th, but this works out better for everyone to get together.

I would guess the odds of politics coming up at our party are about 50-50, though! This will be just my immediate family, so we're all more comfortable with each other, and based on the past week, I'd say it's very possible that someone will bring up the subject. Not me! Although I may have to continue the fine tradition of my political impersonations (I killed a few years ago with my Ross Perot) and try out my Sarah Palin...!

Last night I had a really neat dream. I was sitting at a desk in a lab, although it wasn't a lab that I ever worked in. There was an open window by my desk (which never happens in a lab, but this was a dream) with a hummingbird feeder hanging there. A hummingbird flew up, then flew in the window and hovered just a few inches in front of my face. Then I held out my finger, and he landed on it! He eventually flew away, but kept coming back, and would land on my finger anytime I held it out. It was so cool!

Then my dream took a dark turn. It morphed into our deck, and I was sitting outside. Sheeba was lounging on a table in front of me. I was holding my finger up, trying to get a hummingbird to come up to me, and I looked up into the sky. A small hawk was flying over, and I could see him look down at us. Then he dived towards us, and I thought, "He's trying to get Sheeba!" and before I could move, the hawk had grabbed Sheeba by the ear and dragged him over by the wall of the house. I was unable to move for a moment, stunned and scared. Luckily, the hawk was small and Sheeba was too big for him to carry off, but the hawk was standing over him trying to keep me away. I finally swatted at the hawk with a magazine and was able to shoo him away. Sheeba ran, and was really scared when I found him. I picked him up and was comforting him, and the poor little guy was trembling for a while.

So what's it all about, Alfie? Any guesses? I'm stumped on this one. I'm glad it had a happy ending, though, and I was able to save Sheeba. I think it was just my brain cleaning house, because I was thinking about our hummingbirds being gone and that I need to take down the feeder; I saw a hawk on the way back from the store yesterday; and Cousin Shane's incident with his cat Boris was a scary one. Put 'em all together and you get my dream. There doesn't always have to be a deeper meaning! More later!


  1. Should be a good day (whowhooo, paaaarrrrty). I think I will hang with Dad because we will be near the TV and ND :o)

  2. Have a great time at the party !
    I have a book about dreams and what they mean. The hawk could mean something !
    I know what you mean about Labs and windows ! Ours is unusual that we do have some. Micro has a WALL of windows you would love !

  3. Hmm strange dream, indeed what's it all about. Alfie by the way is my fave Micheal Caine film.
    Have a great time at your mum's 80th, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  4. Happy Birthday to MOM!

    Your dream was unusual. They have a book out all about dreams....I also read a few things online a long time ago.

    Hugs, Rose

  5. That was an odd dream, I have no idea what it means though. Have a good day! Linda

  6. I love the playlist and have used it for a while now and you can add so many songs to it too that is what is great
    and as for McCain it sured turned me off have a great day

  7. Wishing another Happy Birthday to your Mom! (Waves to Mom). As for the dream it seems as though your feeling vulnerable and at a place you feel helpless and need to protect those around you. Which under the circumstances with recent changes is undertandable.

    Have a great day today hon. Haven't heard from you in a few days. Hope everythings ok in your world. (hugs)Indigo

  8. Happy Birthday, Mom!! We are getting together tomorrow for my son's 31st birthday (10/16), and I've already told everyone, "politics are off limits". People, read: my family, can be very passionate, which is fine, but that also means they're right and if you don't agree, you're wrong! I don't like that. We live in the USA because we have the right to disagree. Anywho (who does that sound like?), hope you guys have a good time...and I hope we do too!

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mom! My BIL's birthday is on the 15th too. Strange dream...hubby had one last night too

  10. What a dream! I have a book that translates what dreams mean but I stopped reading it because everything was so negative ~ I wanted to read something good was going to happen. I hope you enjoy the party, let us know how the impersonation goes. ;)

  11. i love how you self diagnose your own dream...what a dream it was too. I hope the dedication went well and the party too. If you took pics, please share and a happy happy early bday to your mama! XO

  12. hope you had fun at the party.. Happy Birthday Mom.
    Sorry about the ND loss :( I had hoped they could come back and pull it off.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Enjoy the partying.
    I'm taking a break from watching sports, my teams all suck right now. Even the Red Wings are stinking it up. ;(
    I'm no good at dream interpretation. I can't even remember mine. ::sigh::
    :) Leigh

  14. happy early birthday to your mom! that's my SIL's birthday too :)

    interesting dream; I can never figure out what or if a dream means anything so I usually don't try to interpret them

    hope you guys have a good Sunday


  15. Have a super time at the party. Are you sure you didn't have a hamburger like mine??? Wierd dream, but better to do that than be half awake and half asleep

  16. "Is that how your going to play the game here?" I think the new impression will be a hoot, but I hope you still do the Perot stuff!I don't want you to "keep it in the cellar with the crazy aunt that everybody knows that is down there!"
    I love Dana Carvey, and can do almost everything he has ever done. If you have'nt seen "Squatting Monkeys Tell Know Lies, Check it out!

    The down side to the computer stuff, is we can't hear each others funny voices! I do a killer Ross Perot too. Happy early Birthday to your Mom again.


  17. As to the dream, my guess would be to stop eating spicy foods before you go to bed!

    I think you would KILL as a Sarah Palin!

    Yeah, I know, this is old, but what make things so intersting is that it is still new to me!


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