Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Birthday wishes for someone special

Today is Cousin Shane's birthday! Everyone yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHANE!"

I can't begin to tell you how much I genuinely like Shane. It's not just because he's family, either! We've always gotten along well, and our parents hung out together a lot when we were kids (his Mom and my Mom are sisters). It's hard to explain, but Shane and I just "get" each other. You may have noticed that I have a sense of humor that can be a little...odd, shall we say? Shane gets it, and he's the same way. Sometimes the littlest things can just set us off...a word that sounds funny, an interesting phrase, a line in a song...and we're giggling like crazy people. (If any of you are still doubting me, remember this?)

It's not always fun and games, and he's helped me through some bad patches by always being there to listen, and I believe he knows I'm always there for him, too. But somehow we always end up laughing again.

Shane is one of the kindest, coolest, most decent guys you'd ever hope to meet, and he's also my partner in crime when it comes to music. Ooooo, the concerts we've been to! I just love the guy to pieces, and I wish you a happy day, Shane! And on this cold December day, I just watched as two bluebirds paid a visit to our bird bath, so it's official: the Bluebirds of Happiness also wish Shane a very happy birthday!


  1. Well Happy Birthday to Shane!! And many more!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Shane!

    Hope you're having a good day.

  3. Well I hope Cousin Shane has a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday cousin Shane from your cyber buddy in New York !

  5. Happy Birthday

    May the candles on your cake,
    Burn like cities in your wake.

    Kristi J

  6. Happy Birthday Shane! I'm so happy to hear that you and Shane have a very special relationship. I love when family is close.

    Hugs, Rose

  7. Happy Birthday Cousin Shane! Sounds like you are loved!!!

  8. I sent an e-mail to CousinLaw to wish him a great day :o)

    BTW, a little odd is a major understatement LOL

  9. Happy Birthday to Shane! Linda

  10. Happy Birthday to Shane!
    It's so cool when you can be best friends with cousins like that. I have 3 that are close in age, and I know for a fact that we gave our parents a few gray hairs because of our "group", growing up!

    :) Leigh

  11. Isn't it a miracle that you've lived to tell of your escapades?? My cousin and I are 2 months apart, and when I think of the stuff we did...well, if our parents EVER found out, at the time, we would have been grounded for life! Happy birthday, Shane!

  12. Hi Beth!

    Tell Ken I said hello as well and I hope your week is kind!

    Please pass a belated Birthday to Shane from me and my family. :)

    Blessed Be,


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