Monday, December 1, 2008

I forgot this part!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) has left a new comment on your post "A (mostly) good trip":

Buzzie's even came complete with creepy old men with staring complexes :o)

I totally forgot to mention that! When we walked in, there was a large round table in the center of the diner, where the local "knights" were holding court. I heard "tractors" mentioned several times, so I think most of them were farmers, and they were definitely locals, as the waitresses called them by name.

After we got our glasses of pop, Ken visited the restroom. While he was gone, I realized that one of the older guys at the round table was staring at me. Even after Ken came back, the guy continued to stare! It was bad enough that I murmured to Ken, "Okay, that guy can quit staring any day now!" Ken murmured back, in a geezer voice, "What are you doin' in our town?" I said to Ken, "We're here to rob the bank!" Did we look like Bonnie and Clyde or something?!

I swear, it was on the verge of a geriatric children of the corn moment. I don't often use the word "geezer," but it applied in this case. It was rude and creepy, but it did kind of make me laugh. At least there wasn't a slow speed walker chase in the parking lot! The horror!


  1. If "geezer" fits you gotta use it! They were probably a bunch of dirty old farmers. Linda in Washington

  2. I get the staring thing a lot unfornately. And it's usually women! I don't like to be starred at by people I know while I'm eating, let alone strangers. I always want to walk up to them and ask if I know them from some where or if they're just really that rude. Right now, I try not to blame them. They probably think I swallowed a beach ball and trying to figure out how I accomplished such a feat without popping it! ;)

  3. Yeah, that's what I figured!!! LOL!!!

  4. Yeah, well... You're hot, so can ya blame the old prospector for gawking?

    Other than that, WTF is pop? Next you'll be telling me that you've never used a bubbler.

  5. hey Beth!
    I did like that Bond movie

  6. You should have turned and waved at the guy, of course complete with a little wink !
    Sorry I bursted in with my IM last night, I was so glad to see you back, my Buddy list has been vacant without you.
    Glad you had a "mostly" good trip. At least your getting snow, I'm jealous, we've had none yet.

    I love how you use the word "pop" which is so NOT A New York phrase !!!
    I might surprise you with a phone call this week. I'm on a roll with calling Blogger friends.
    Take care sweety.

  7. I have always called 'pop', 'soda' ... no real reason, please don't ask me why.

    Maybe you reminded him of someone. Maybe he 'forgot' what he was doing. Why do I channel the scene with John Goodman and the boys at night in 'O Brother' when you talk about this 'meeting'?

  8. I'm definitely not hot, but I do get stared at sometimes in those hometown places where I'm a stranger. It sure doesn't stop me from going to them, however. When I lived back east and went to the same diner for breakfast with my friends every morning, I wonder if I was perceived as one of those townies who stared at strangers. LOL!

    Having moved from 30 years in the New York City area to Oklahoma, I had to get used to the word "pop", too. It just sounds so wrong, even though I grew up in the "pop" country of Ohio and then moved to Kentucky, where everything, no matter what flavor, is called "coke".

    Sorry about the black ice! There's nothing worse.... I hate it!

  9. LOL..... pop not soda... love it! Pop is the norm here too. Staring is so rude but when it continues it makes my edgy and nervous. Like do I have nose hairs sticking out? What????
    Glad you have a good trip

  10. Its bad enough having someone stare at you, even worse when he's a geezer. Hope your enjoying your Today.
    Take care,

  11. Old Geezers give me the creeps! LOL
    Have a good night.

  12. His hypocampus was probably shrinking......

  13. The way they treated the waitress, even though she was obviously used to it, just did not sit right with me. They were crotchety :o)

  14. There's NO people like TN people. I've been here over 25 years and I'm still not from here.
    The question asked of me most when we first came here was "Who was you 'fore you 'wuz married?" My name just didn't fit and it drew soooo much attention. LOL.
    Hugs, Joyce

  15. I hope Ken was not long in the restroom or Lord only knows what would have happened to you with the old geezer's staring at you.


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