Monday, December 1, 2008

A (mostly) good trip

Ahhh, it's great to be home! It was sad to leave Ken's mom--she always hates to see us go, and it makes me feel bad--but Dorothy was right: there really is no place like home. Cousin Shane took good care of Sheeba, who was quite happy to see us. I suspect I'll have a kitty curled up right next to me tonight!

We left Springfield at 8 AM, and there was a little bit of snow overnight, so there was some black ice in the area. We were happy to get out of that, and most of the trip was uneventful after that...until we got to Carmel, which is a northern suburb of Indianapolis (it's where all the doctors live). From there until around Peru, Indiana (about 75 miles), it was slow going and nerve-wracking. That stretch of road is surrounded mostly by farmland that's as flat as a board, so when the winds are blowing from the west, the snow blows across the roadway. There wasn't a lot of snow, but there was enough to get the highway wet, and when the sun started going down, the temperature dropped. It was a skating rink!

Wow, there were slide-offs everywhere, police cars, was very tense for a while. Ken put the truck in 4-wheel drive, but that doesn't help on ice. We finally ran out of it by the time we got into familiar turf, about an hour south of Nutwood. Ken is about wiped, and I'm doing my best to get tired, but still fairly wide awake. I'm just thankful that we got home safe and sound!

Before I forget, rabbit rabbit rabbit! And happy December!

We stopped in Lebanon to get pictures of the Munger Moss, and I was pleased to see a few other older motels in the immediate vicinity. I'll try to get pictures edited tomorrow and get a slideshow up. The Munger Moss is a beauty, and the sign is an absolute classic! When we were in southern Illinois, we were getting seriously low on gas, so we had to stop at a town in southern Illinois called Highland. We found a neat little diner called Buzzie's. It's on US 40, which is another legendary road, also known as the National Road. Buzzie's was metal and glass brick, with a cool tile floor and walls, and the classic metal and plastic chairs and tables. I had a salad and BLT and Ken had a club sandwich, and it really hit the spot! I was inspired by the design on the table, and I'm thinking that I'll check into updating my blog with a funky retro motif. Only a thought at this point...easier said than done!

So it's a relief to be home, and I missed you all. I'll work on getting caught up tomorrow, but I've got groceries to get and there is laundry to be done. Please bear with me as I get back to our regularly scheduled program!


  1. Buzzie's even came complete with creepy old men with staring complexes :o)

  2. Glad to hear you guys made it home safely. I was worried you'd choose during the storm to drive back. I'm also glad you had a good time. It's good that Sheeba isn't a vindictive kitty. We used to have a cat, Oscar that everytime we left, he would pee on all our clothes but not till we got home. The cats I have now don't seem to care how long I'm gone as long as there is food in their bowl and water in the jug. It's preferred over the whole peeing thing. ;)

  3. LOL!! Guess some old man was staring at you, Beth???!! LOL!! I'm glad you had a great time and are home safe and sound!!!

  4. I think I've actually been to Buzzie's. It's been a while since I've ventured into Illinois, though.

    Looks like I'm due for a road trip! Woohoo!

    Glad you had a nice holiday, and I'm even more glad to hear you and Ken made it home safely. The weather 'round these here parts has been a twitch fussy.

  5. I loves me a BLT- YUMMM YUMMM! But I have to save them as a special treat so I don;t overdo the cholesterol!

  6. Glad you are both home safe and sound.

    Hugs, Rose

  7. Beth:

    I'm glad you guys made it back safely, and had a good time. Southern Illinois (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)I have had some tense moments there. I do love Shawnee National Forrest, and the Cave in Rock, The Garden of the Gods! There are some good places in this somewhat ugly state, and some really good eats. The Jolly Red Pig, Southern Illinois. (Had Great Burgers) I hope you have a wonderful day today and get caught up on things. (Next time you go to Southern Illinois try one of the Vinyards)


  8. Happy that you are home safe and sound and had a great time with family. It's what the holidays are all about -- being with family. I dread that black ice. We usually have our share of it here. Only thing to do is slow down and that does make for a tedious trip. I've done many over the years. 'On Ya'-ma

  9. I am glad that your trip home was safe, even if it was a bit hair raising.

  10. Welcome back glad you had a good trip and arrived back safe and well.

    Take care


  11. Glad you guys had a good and safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  12. Glad y'all had a good visit, and doubly glad y'all are safe. Ooh, 'Possum Kindom' man, stirring up Weezer - like ancient feelings with that song!!

  13. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I drove Josh back to Grand Valley on sunday night and it took me 7 hours! It was horrible and scary! Linda

  14. I'm glad you are home safe and sound and look forward to the pics!

  15. I'm just getting caught up Glad you guys make it home safe.
    Hugs, Joyce

  16. i missed you while you were gone and am glad you two are back home, safe and sound.

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  18. I don't like driving in conditions like that... I'm glad ya'll are back safe & sound...


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