Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

Happy February, everyone! It's a new month, and the evil spirits have been banished from Nutwood for the month. I hope they leave you alone, too!

It's in the mid-40's today, and although I know we'll have more cold weather before all is said and done, I'm feeling decidedly springy. Springish? Anyhoo, I feel like we're on the downside of this winter, and now we just have to be patient. Even though it seems like it's been a rough winter, it also seems to have gone by quickly, so I hope we'll speed through February, too. Not that I'm anxious for my life to speed by, but I'm definitely anxious for spring to arrive!

I'm ready for things to get green. I'm ready to see how many of the bulbs I planted last fall come up. I'm ready to have a cookout and have Milwaukee Dan #1 and his wife over. I'm ready to wear the skorts I bought at the end of last season and I'm ready to go barefoot! Spring fever has hit me early this year, and I need to chill. We've got a ways to go yet!

In the meantime, we've got one more football game to go this season. I always dread this time of year, because I really do miss football. There were no games on last week, and I felt sort of...bereft. Just shuffling through the house, clutching my Nerf football to my chest, wearing my Peyton Manning jersey and crying quietly to myself. Okay, I'm not that bad...I don't really have a Nerf football. But I know that when things start gearing up in August and they start talking about ND practices and the Colts training camp, I'll be as happy as a little girl. It's kind of a tossup for me which I like or basketball. I love both, and they both have a different feel to them. I guess the one I like the best is whichever season it is at the time!

I'm starting to get things together for our Super Bowl snack food fest. I decided to make bean dip instead of cheese dip, and I've got my little mini-crockpot out and ready to go. We'll have the usual cheese and crackers, that kind of stuff, including my baked brie with caramel and almonds on top. (It's yummy!) The shrimp is thawed (the tray is in the shape of a football--how cute is that?) and the champagne is chilled.

Someone asked if all that food is for just me and Ken. Yeah--kind of crazy, isn't it? It's just fun to do, and eat all this munchie food. I'm getting hungry, too. We're a little disappointed we didn't get invited to the White House for the President's Super Bowl party, but we'll make do here. Would that be a fun party, or what?

No offense to my Pennsylvania friends, but I'll be cheering for the Cardinals. Since I don't follow either team, I'm going for the underdog. Everyone have fun!


  1. It got into the 40's here today in Ohio too !
    It was wonderful and long over do. Enjoy all that yummy food. 'On Ya'-ma

  2. Hard to believe you were walking around the house sobbing in your Peyton jersey. Was that a hat that just dropped?

    We love our snack food, and our football.

    Cool thing is that we have a source of ND tickets for 2009, could be a great fall :o)

  3. I got home from Afton Station in time to hear the Obama interview, so I'm satisfied. I will probably have the big game on the TV while I do email, snail mail, blog, laundry, and phone messages, but I'll only turn around and actually look at the TV when I know the commercials are on. I'm not a fan of football. If I had to choose though,I guess I'd take Pittsburgh, since I lived there once.

  4. Happy Super Bowl! The food sounds delicious. I never ate brie until I was an adult and I felt that I had made a miraculous discovery! WHen I was a child, there was American and for something really exotic, there was Swiss!

  5. We BBQ'd some steaks, baked potato, and baked beans...yeah, just Glen and I!

  6. Hi Beth,
    Happy Superbowl! I'm not watching ... a little emergency came up on the home front and I'm scrambling to fly East ... but decided to rush all over L.A. looking for snowboots first.

  7. Hubby is watching the Super Bowl right now...Bruce Springsteen is performing right now.

  8. Hello Beth It has been warm here today to. Tonight it started to get a little chill so Keith started a fire, now our living room is 75!
    I to stocked up on food for the super bowl. Shrimp and spinach dip and Keith made pepperoni bread YUMMY. We have a steak to but we eat that tomorrow. Have a Great night
    Take Care Lynne

  9. It was a chilly 58 degrees this morning here in South Florida but warmed up to 71 degrees by noontime.

    Enjoy your football fever!

    Hugs, Rose

  10. Woo, is this a great game or what? :) My mother was cooking up her snacks for the game when I called yesterday. She was having quite a spread too, just for her. :) Guess she'll eat the left overs during this next week.

  11. So it looks like the Steeler's got their six pack. I was hoping the Cards would win but it really didn't matter one way or the other 'cause the Titan's were NOT there. lol.
    Hugs, Joyce

  12. Beth I have no idea about your "football" games but I have a wonderful idea of your food...please can I invite myself over. I would sure help you eat everything up....yummy yummy.
    Love from a snowy Box in Wiltshure UK.Sybil xx

  13. hopefully spring is just around the corner!


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