Monday, February 2, 2009

Post-game show!

Does anyone have Super Bowl flu today? I hope everyone enjoyed the game! Wow, that was a good one, huh? I love seeing a good game like that, rather than a blowout. Although as Ken said, blowouts are good if it's your team doing the blowing out! I really enjoyed it, and congratulations to the Steelers. And congratulations to the Cardinals for doing what a lot of people didn't think they could do: making a great game of it and really making it a Super Bowl game to remember. I thought Bruce's half-time show was fantastic--wouldn't it be cool to have that much fun at your job?

All the food turned out great, but oh my God, I had so much of it! We didn't even put out some of the cheese or summer sausage, and ended up putting some of the crackers back in the cupboard and the bar cheese back in the fridge. Ken has a few lunches for this week, that's for sure! Myra's stuffed bolillo rolls were excellent, full of gooey cheese goodness. Thanks for the recipe, Myra! I made four, and we only ate two. The thing I was probably most pleased with was the guacamole I made. It sounds silly, but I've never made it before--that Wholly Guacamole stuff is very good, so I've never bothered making my own. I thought I'd give it a try, and I just loved it! The avocados tasted so fresh and green. I don't like things really spicy, so it wasn't hot enough for Ken, but he put some Tabasco on it to spice it up. I would definitely make it again, and now that I'm thinking about it, I might have to have a little bit this afternoon!

I don't know if you caught "The Office" episode afterwards, but it was one of their funniest ones (in my opinion). Dwight Shrute is certifiable. For some reason, the part that cracked me up the most was when they were doing the CPR training and started singing and dancing to "Stayin' Alive." I had recently heard that the new recommendations for CPR are to skip the mouth-to-mouth and do compressions to the beat of that song, so I thought it was hilarious to see what they did with that. Love that show!

Then, of course, there were the commercials. Although not everyone cares about football, almost everyone enjoys the commercials. I thought they were pretty disappointing this year. Not a cat herder in the bunch. There were some that stood out for me, though, and I'm putting up a few of the more offbeat and/or notable ones here. Before that, honorable mentions go to:

The Clydesdales, who are always decent, and a Super Bowl tradition. The Coke picnic commercial was really well-done, with great graphics. I really liked the Cheetos one, where Chester Cheetah urges a woman to throw Cheetos under a snobby woman's chair at an outdoor cafe, and pigeons descend on the annoying woman. (Chester Cheetah is always cool.) I liked the one for Denny's, where some mobster-type guys are having a serious talk about "taking care" of a situation, and the waitress drowns out their conversation by spraying a whipped cream beard on the head mobster's pancakes. Just a funny juxtaposition. Now here are the ones that probably made us laugh the most, with a little commentary.

One of my favorites from last year was Tide's Talking Stain. We still laugh about it, and Ken can do the stain voice! The rude flowers made us both go, "Awww, that's mean!" but it was funny, and reminded me of the Talking Stain.

I'm not quite sure why the Bridgestone tire commercial made us laugh so much...I just liked the music, the way they're having fun in their cruiser, dancing while they're picking up moon rocks, only to come back to the cruiser and find....

Not much commentary necessary for this one. We laughed out loud!

Great Coke Zero ad harking back to the classic Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial, this time with Troy Polamalu. I love the way he chases down the guy and flattens him...and just as in the original commercial, the kid gets his shirt.

I missed this one during the game, because I was in the kitchen, but when I watched it online, I loved it! Alec Baldwin is perfect as the "man" touting the greatness of Hulu, and as an extra-added bonus, you get to see a snippet of one of the funniest episodes of "30 Rock," in which Jack roleplays as Tracy's father.

What was your favorite? Was it one I mentioned here, or was it another one? I sure hope the economy picks up in time for next year's Super Bowl, because although there were some enjoyable ones, I think the overall quality of the ads was lower than previous years. The marketing departments need to get on the ball!


  1. It was a good game. Bruce's performance was great. Hubby was disappointed with the 3D commercial.

  2. The "moose" ad was definitely my favorite. I loved Bruce, and I thought the pregame show was good, too. Unfortunately, I fell asleep around the 3rd quarter, but since I get up at 4:30 a.m. I guess I can be forgiven. And, considering I'm not a football fan, even I enjoyed the exciting game.

    Yes, seeing Bruce up there on stage resurrected my thoughts about how cool it would be to be a rocker. I haven't had those pipe dreams for years, but his energy and obvious delight were really contageous.

  3. The Coke commercial got slammed on ESPN ... and slammed when I saw it. Some things shouldn't be updated, Citizen Kane, Percy Sledge's 'When A Man Loves A Woman' and Mean Joe's Coke commercial.

    The Bridgestone was cool, but I loved Alec Baldwin's commercial. My fave was the mean flowers! Haw! I laughed right out loud, sitting by myself!

    That line ... 'No one wants to see you naked', is such a good one!

    If that was a guy's meaness, the Taco Bell ad with the guy going from getting a girl's number at a party, to finishing up doing a dinner where he introduces her to his parents, balances it out.

  4. i didn't watch any of it so i am quite out of the loop.

  5. Good thing the game made up for the commercials :o)

  6. I loved the babies... The E-Trade (or something like that) commercial.
    Hugs, Joyce

  7. I peed myself twice during that episode of The Office. I sh*t you not.

  8. Oh Beth...I can't comment on your game but was so looking forward to your adverts only to discover we can't view them over here...what a shame...never mind glad you had such a great time the food sounds so scrumtious..
    Love sybil xx

  9. Funny you should ask. Several people I know had the formal diagnostic symptoms of "Super Bowl Flu" yesterday.
    We have talking stains in this house. They all say: Briege did it!

  10. Iloved that episode of 30 Rock and abosolutely cracked up when they highlighted it on that commercial! And, I also thought that scene in The Office with them dancing while doing CPR was the funniest! Brillant minds....??

  11. I really didn't like any of them I think my judgement could be off a little lol

  12. My faves were the bud commercials with the clydesdales. They are always so good.

    Bruce rocked out, I really enjoyed his show. My alltime favorite show though is still when the Stones played...they were just awesome!


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