Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few short items (one of them ME!)

First on the list is our friend Marty of Heard at Starbucks. His father has had a heart attack, and Marty has flown to the East coast to be with him and their family. Marty is a great guy, so I'm guessing that his Dad is all that and a bag of chips. Please say a prayer for him, and if you like, stop by and give Marty some positive thoughts.

A big thank you to Hollie of Life in a Small Town, who has given me a "Friends" award. The award states "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight more and include the cleverly written text into the body of your awards." I don't think my blog has ever been called "exceedingly charming" before, but I kinda like it! Thank you very much, Hollie. I'm going to break with tradition and not award this to any blog in particular. If I read you, you know I'm doing so for a reason, so grab this award for yourself.

I've written before about our lake effect snow in our area. It can sometimes be an extremely narrow band of snow, and we saw a prime example of that last night. Although we got a little snow at Nutwood, it wasn't anything major, and I was able to get out and about today. But not too far to the west of us, they were getting dumped on, and the Doppler picture was one of the most dramatic examples of lake effect I've seen. If the winds have shifted just a bit to the east, we would have been the "dumpees!"

When I was out today, I stocked up on bird food. Yikes! Ken just might have a cow (if not a cowbird)! Well, I haven't bought any for a while, and I'm getting ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count next weekend. I'll write more about it next week. I bought a bag of thistle seed to put in the feeder that Ken got me for Christmas (what's the point of having a feeder if you don't fill it, right?), and MAN, that stuff is expensive. I did get a deal on suet cakes, though--if you can find a 10-pack, it's worth it, because they were about 75 cents as opposed to $1.25 or thereabouts.

Did anyone see Rod Blagojevich on Letterman last night? Ken even stayed up for it. As Dave put it, and asked Blago, "Really...why ARE you here?" Blagojevich was smarmy, seemed a little arrogant (he said that a joke Dave had just made wasn't all that funny), and ultimately, clueless. He really seems to think that he's going to get people on his side by doing all these shows, and did not seem to pick up on the bad vibes coming from Dave and from the audience. Hell, I could feel it sitting here at home! I think that for much of the interview, I was sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I've said it before...the guy has got some brass balls. He's in for a rude awakening when he goes up on federal charges.

I was pretty disappointed to hear that Tom Daschle took himself out of the HHS cabinet position, but I was more disappointed that he was stupid enough to not pay taxes. What is up with these people? I was happy to see that Pres. Obama said in an interview "I screwed up" and took responsibility for it, although he wasn't the one who wasn't paying his taxes. I hope this sends a message to all politicians out there, that such behavior will not be tolerated. As the President said, there are not separate standards for politicians and for working people. Daschle had a chance for a Cabinet position, but he screwed it up, and he can just think on that for a while.

I'm certainly not condoning such behavior, and I really hope Pres. Obama can clean things up. If any of you are thinking that all these damn libby Dems are corrupt and don't pay their taxes, your logic is faulty. Obviously, Pres. Obama is nominating more Democrats, so there is going to be a greater chance that a Democrat will be tagged, simply due to numbers. Bad behavior is not a partisan domain. Spiro Agnew had to resign as Vice-President because of tax evasion, and let's not forget those stellar examples of Republican rectitude, Ted Stevens and Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

I'm just sayin'.


  1. If any of you are thinking that all these damn libby Dems are corrupt and don't pay their taxes
    ~ Nope, I don't think that, and I was glad Obama said what he did and it is being handled. It isn't Obama's fault. BUT I find it funny that some who definitely think all the damn Republicans are corrupt will say this is no big deal. Bad behavior is very inclusive, but I notice people prefer to bring it up only when it is the OTHER side engaging in it and I don't care for that.
    I've rarely voted Dem but I like Caroline Kennedy and thought she was a little more straight up than to be a tax evader,esp since the family all died and left her everything. She sure doesn't need more cash.

    Rod is looking for the revenge of the dispossessed, but all he is getting is deeper into the hole.
    He is a moron-an exotic amusement now. One badly in need of a good hair cut, like Biden. I cannot fathom how he thinks we will find him(Rod) grievously injured.~Nary

  2. We got the lake effect here in Ohio. Lots and lots more...maybe 10 inches or so and it's still snowing.

  3. You read me! You really really read me! Thanks for the award (wink).

  4. We had the same situation around here with our locale not getting anything but a dusting when next door they got a foot. Strange weather patterns indeed. I bet the birds are happy you are all stocked up now. That's a great price for suet, I haven't found it for less than .89 around here.

  5. Congrats on your friends award!!

  6. Someone needs to tell Blago that the hair just isn't working for him! Dude, please!! What an arrogant, pompous ass! At least the Prez is taking responsibility and owning his mistakes. Unfortunately, seems like the pool gets smaller and smaller!

  7. Dear Beth,
    First off I did write Marty and I will be praying for him....
    hmmm:)an amusing entry..thanks!:)

  8. So sorry I haven't been by honey. My ovarian cyst is still giving me problems. One more week and if its still killing me I'll probably have to have it removed. Talk about painful! Ugh!
    Luv you!

  9. I was impressed that Daschle took himself out of the running, ditto with the woman too. Obama tried to put a proper spin on the whole thing.. And I agree with Mary.. I find it funny how some will see this and say "it's no big deal."

  10. I don't think that this is a rocky start, as it is a sign that there is a different philosophy in Washington. Some prior appointees in recent administrations had worse appointments that actually made it to being seated.

    My thing is what is the administration going to do about things, and especially the war in Iraq.

  11. Well said, FrankandMary.

    Someone at work went on and on about how Obama and Lincoln were both masters at building a cabinet and it was just a wonder to behold and people will write books about how they put together such a great team. Those are his words, spoken in a breathless rush, not mine. I kept my mouth shut as I'm new and (I think) the only one who didn't vote for Nader twice ;) but I was thinking uh . . no. Par for the course maybe, but not a thing of wonder. Money makes any politician succeptible (sp?) to corruption, regardless of their party. But his team should have vetted them better; income taxes should be an easy thing to verify at that level, no?

  12. I found you but nearly lost it when I saw Blogo's face. I hear Joe the plumber is entering republivan party seriously. How stupid is this man, The volcano is about to erupt in Alaska. Evil thoughts are in my mind, I caN NOT stand Palin. Lucy

  13. thanks for your comments Beth!
    So does this mean that you do not think that there is a motion to outlaw all citizens from carrying a hand gun (if registered)?

  14. i know i pay alot in taxes and work damn hard to pay the taxes too and these politicians have no right to not pay theirs. If a person can not even keep their own household in order how are we to trust them?
    we hear about lake effect snow all the time here....but do not get that snow. I just LOVE Letterman.

  15. Isn't it sad that most of our Politicians are crooks!

    Hugs, Rose


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