Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A new look

Notice anything different? Nah, the background and everything is the same...but you're seeing my beloved Comic Sans font that I used on AOL Journals! Thanks to Monica over at Monica's Mindless Mumblings...I read her blog the other day and asked how she got the Comic Sans font (I'd recognize it anywhere!). She said that she uses Windows Live Writer to write her blog entries. I had heard of Live Writer before and know of other people who have used it, but had never taken the time to download it and explore it a bit. I like it. One drawback is that it doesn't store your entries online, if you're concerned about having a backup for your blog entries (and I think most of us who used AOL Journals have that concern, considering that whole mess of shutting down and moving our blogs), Live Writer doesn't do that. It will retrieve your entries from your blog itself. So I think what I'm going to do is continue to write in Google Docs (which saves everything online...and I don't think Google is going down the tubes anytime soon), then copy it over to Live Writer and publish from there. That's one of the nice features of Live Writer--you connect up your blog(s) and can publish directly. I'll start doing that with this entry and we'll see how it goes.

By the way, I don't know why I love Comic Sans so much. Any of you that have gotten an email from me know it's my default font in email. I find it a little clearer and more legible than many other fonts, and it's just a tiny bit different. It strikes me as kind of fun and quirky. Welcome back, Comic Sans!

Books and DVDsAt the risk of appearing to be someone with hoarding tendencies, I'm putting up another picture. The picture yesterday was just the CD cabinets. Here are the bookcases (five of them in the basement...there are two upstairs, as well), with the DVD cabinets on the far wall. (Pardon the mess...there are also a few books piled up at the base of the bookcases.) Please notice that the DVD cabinets are not completely filled! I have to admit that I bought a few more today, though...I couldn't pass up a collection of 20 Hitchcock movies for $5! That $5 Walmart bin is mighty hard to resist. Also picked up "Dawn of the Dead," "Castaway," "United 93" (not sure when I'll be ready to watch that one, but we've got it for when that time comes), and "Hurricane."

I guess I'm a bit of a collector, at least when it comes to music, movies, and books. And penguins. A couple of people suggested selling stuff to make room for more, but I really don't want to sell most of our titles. I do try to go through the books every so often and weed out some to donate to the library (although Better World offers a buyback program, and I might do that next time), but there are some books and movies that I really do love to read and watch multiple times. Yes, I know what happens, but that doesn't mean the journey isn't any less interesting or compelling. We don't go out to the movies often, because it's usually more fun to kick back and watch a movie here at home. It's definitely less expensive! We save our theater outings for things like Star Trek movies and Bond movies ("Quantum of Solace" is coming out on DVD soon, ha ha!), and the rest of the year, we hunker down in our comfy clothes right here at home. For many years, even before I met Ken, I was building my own little library, whether it was music, books, or movies. It's no presidential library, but I kind of like it!

Driving diagramOkay...I have to admit that I was a bad girl today. I was heading back from the store, and an incident on the road really ticked me off. I took the liberty of making a diagram for you, so you can see what I'm talking about. Stop laughing! I think it's a good diagram and I think you'll see why I was pissed off. At this particular crossroads/stoplight, there is a right lane to pass if someone is turning left and has to wait for oncoming traffic. Shortly after the light, the right lane ends. A truck (in blue) was in the left lane, and I pulled up in the right lane (I'm gray). Another truck was in the left lane (the red square), behind both of us. The truck to my left wasn't turning, but going straight. My usual policy in such a situation is to allow the person on the left to go first, then it stands to reason that I would go next, as my lane runs out quickly, and the person behind us follows in third.

You can probably guess what happened. I'm in the right lane, waiting for that third vehicle to drop back and let me in, as my lane runs out. She didn't...she cut me off. I actually had to lay on the horn, and yes, I said a very bad word! I looked over at her, and the broad seemed totally oblivious. I don't know if she really didn't know what she was doing, or if she just didn't give a rat's ass, but it pissed me off. We came up to the next stop sign, and she was turning in the same direction as I was. So I rode her ass all the way to the next stoplight, even pulling a little to the left so that she could see me riding her ass in her rearview mirror. At the light, she was turning left, and I was going straight. I pulled up right next to her, rolled down my window, turned up the music, and looked at her. She refused to look in my direction. When the light turned green, I took great satisfaction in punching it...with the Mustang, when you punch it, it responds, both with sound and speed. No, I didn't peal out, but it probably roared a little bit.

So did I feel better? Actually, yes. I was probably a little bit of an asshole, and if someone did that to me, it would piss me off. But she picked the wrong gal to mess with today. I'm on a short fuse. Just ask Ken, who saw me go ballistic last night when the oven wasn't heating properly. (I didn't go ballistic on him, just at the situation, and I said I was sorry for getting so irritated.) Just the lack of common courtesy, a matter of dropping back five freakin' seconds to let someone in ahead of you...honestly, it made me see red.

Spring had better be on the way soon. I'm not kidding.


  1. I'm glad you tried the Live writer, while not perfect it's great for getting the font you want. I'm always using Comic Sans as my default font too and pretty much for all the same reasons as you wrote.

    As for driving, I've had a few drivers lately that have had me seeing red also. The lack of common Courtesy can do that to a normally calm person. I MISS the mustang I had, they are great cars and have a lot of pick up and go.


  2. I wish we had it on blogger as I love it too!

  3. Every now and then, I kick all three hundred horses in and leave someone in my dust. OK, at least once per week :o)

    We are building our music, book, movie collection for retirement. I say, a little every month while you have it will make for a great time when you need to pinch the pennies a bit.

  4. I use comic Sans in Google Doc and copy and paste it worked on my last entry, i haven't yet tried Windows live writer, but if it doesn't store entires like google docs perhaps Ill hold off for a while. I envy your organising skills.

    Take care


  5. I know, it's always been my favorite font!
    I also wish we had it on blogger.

    Whew Beth, a bit of road rage there, huh? Living the the land of blue hairs, you wouldn't believe what you'd witness here.

    Hang in...spring's coming!

  6. You just gave my husband a few more reasons to love you... you got on it in the mustang (he loves the way they sound) and you or Ken reads James Patterson. Really, I'm getting worried he's just going to show up on your doorstep with his bags packed. ;) Spring will be here before you know it and we'll be at the Dunes smelling fishy water. ;)

  7. You sure your not from NY?? You acted just the way I would have. I love this font, it was I chose while still on AOL BLogs. I love your collection, you can start your own netflicks, but call it Bethflicks.... Hey....we could be on to something here.
    Love ya!

  8. was that chick talking on the thingie that hangs off a persons ear...i have no idea what they are called....most drivers nowadays are AH's and should not have their licenses..i do not blame you for getting pissed...you go, girl.
    My dad turned my brothers old bedroom into a library with gorgeous oak bookshelves from ceiling to floor, circling the entire room. So, i think it is cool you take such good care of your stuff that you enjoy.

  9. I think this font has many followers. I know it was my favorite. Love your diagram, it gave a whole new meaning of being there. You crack me up! Take care and enjoy your Today!

  10. Hey! I want to come to your house. That looks just like a library of delights. I could go shopping for all sorts of entertainment~~
    I have always loved that font, so carry on, looks great to me.
    I enjoyed your diagram and take on the situation. You did good~

  11. Wrote this in a word document and cut and pasted! You can than save your entries as a word document.


  12. That's a great idea! We get so few fonts to select from on blogger. AOL too, so this will be great!

  13. I want to join the Comic Sans Serif fan club, too. I use it whenever I can. I think I like the informality of it.

  14. How many of those books are TBR's (To be read yet)? I have a bookcase and a half of those, I don't usually keep a library (back to the house is too small thing. Glad you got your Comic Sans back. I know you were missing that option. (Hugs)Indigo


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