Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spideys and other not-so-creepy things

Based on the comments on my entry yesterday about cussing, it looks like I'm not the only potty mouth out there...! Honestly, it was actually very refreshing to realize that some of you let loose once in a while, too, sometimes people I never would have expected. I appreciate your honesty, and I really think we're all pretty much on the same page when it comes to cussing--we confine it to home, or to those we know aren't offended by it. I really don't walk around town spewing obscenities, and I'm not crazy about hearing others do so. But arresting someone for it? No.

Indigo commented on the bookshelf/DVD cabinet picture: "How many of those books are TBR's (To be read yet)? I have a bookcase and a half of those." Indy, the shelves in the basement contain mostly Already Reads. There are a few classics that I've collected over the years, some that I read years ago but would like to read again, but most of them I've read. Except for Ken's college textbooks, of course...and unless he's been sneaking down in the middle of the night, I don't think he's read mine, either! There is another bookcase in the guest room that has TBR books, so I've got my work cut out for me!

Godfathers B&W Remember how bummed I was that I missed out on the after-show party at the Godfathers concert? Today, Peter (the lead singer, on the far right in this picture) posted on the Yahoo group and talked about how much they enjoyed playing the Chicago show and what a great time they had. He also thanked several people, and had this to say: "Beth R***** [asterisks mine, although several of you know my last name already] & Dez Kiss – it would have been great to meet up with y'all – but, hey, another time & another place…" How cool is that?! See, he was kinda bummed, too! Ha! I'm sure he was just fine despite not meeting up with me, but I thought it was a cool thing to say, and tells you how great they are about their fans. I do think I'll get another chance one day.

I had some really creepy dreams Tuesday night in which spiders played a big part. They were creepy enough that I couldn't bear to put up a picture of a real spider here, so I found a cute little smiley spider.

Spider cartoonIn some of the dreams, a small spider was on the wall behind someone--I seem to recall Cousin Shane being there--and ready to crawl onto them, and I was trying to warn them that a spider was about ready to get on them. In the worst of them, there was a big fat furry spider running around the house in which I grew up, and I'm not kidding, this thing was the size of a hamster. [shudder] And it was FAST. I was trying to throw a shoe at it, and it came after me...I remember twitching in my sleep because in my dream, the spider had started to crawl up onto my leg. Bleahhhh!

I was curious about what the spiders in my dream might mean, and while I don't take everything in my dreams to heart--I think it's mostly a matter of your brain shoving all the input and stimulus it's received throughout the day down the garbage disposal--I do think that one aspect of spider symbolism is relevant with me right now. It's a matter of feeling trapped.

I was pondering this today, and while it was really a relief to not have to worry about driving to work in the snow, and I'm quite content when left to my own devices, not getting out five days a week also made me feel cabin fever a little more intensely this year. So do you think I should go back to work?

The Shining Hahahaha! I have no desire to go back to work, although I still love Microbiology (look for an Infection Connection entry coming up before too long). The coming spring has me feeling more ambitious, and today was just what the doctor ordered. Sunny most of the day, up over 60° was beautiful! I'll be so happy to break out of this winter funk, although I know that what I consider a "funk" would probably be a good day for some. I know I'm very fortunate in that regard. Cabin fever is a legitimate concern in winter climates. Remember "The Shining"? I rest my case.


  1. I was creeped out wondering why I was eating spiders in my dreams. It's got to be either bordom or I'm tired of dieting. I've had a few "Shining" moments this winter, but always return to the sunnyside of things. Take care and be good, if not have fun,

  2. Not only was it a frightening movie, it WAS the scariest book I read as a child.

    No cabin fever moments ... but I have had some 'get the hell away from me' moments!

    Uh, the 'hell' was for you, Beth!

  3. You know, dreams are a funny thing, you know, I rarely remember mine :o)

  4. Just glancing at the picture, i thought 'Beth likes The New Kids On The Block, too?!' Oh. oops? LOL

  5. I dream all the time but I am glad that I don't remember most of them. I think trying to figure the meaning of mine out would drive me batty.
    After I had my back surgery back in Oct. I went to the bathroom in the hospital and believe me I saw a tiny light yellowish green spider sliding down the wall. I knew what it was but called my daughter to come and look and tell me if the saw the little green spider sliding down the wall. Of course she didn't. I looked over to the left a bit and there was another one. I suppose you know by now it was the strong pain meds causing me to see them. I sat there and grinned looking at those little spiders know they werent't real. LOL. Helen

  6. swearing rocks! i am so sick of my work project that y'all can prolly hear my cussing over the lake in some sort of reverse direction from the dad's in the christmas story movie.


  7. Awwww, that was so sweet of Peter to post that. Beth I sure hope you do get another chance to meet them. I don't like Spiders either, but my greatest fear is "SNAKES"! I have cabin fever too. It's supposed to be sunny & in the 70s here for the next couple of days. Woo-Hoo!!!

  8. As I was reading about your bordeom, my first thought was NOOOOO, Beth, you can't go back to work!! Good thing you came to your senses (and I continued reading) - I'm sure its the weather, but spring is right around the corner!

  9. i FOUND OUT without warning that a lot of people have dreams, very strong ones after they have open heart surgery. Joe had some really active ones. He nearly kicked the window out by our bed. If I had not woke him I think he might have. I read in his book when he came home from the hospital that this is very common. He is starting to not have as many and that is a good thing. His dreams were always physiclly (SP) aggressive.

  10. By the way, I had to watch myself on swearing when I babysat for 7 years. Those kids donot miss a trick. Lucy

  11. i could quit working tonight and never work again and be happy. I hate winter and this winter was BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD for me.
    I like cussing...and i do a damn fine job of it 95.4% of the time.

    i think it is TOTALLY cool that the band remembers you by name! I wish so much you had been able to figure out where to meet up with them that night.
    a coworker gave me a weird book to read from Jim Morrison's widow....i love him and have loved him since 1980. We'll see if i end up loving her.

  12. I remember having a dream as a child about a spider. In my dream there was a pink glowing spider on the wall next to my bed (my bed was against one wall). I woke up crying and screaming for my parents to get the spider. (I didn't mention it was pink)So they looked all over in my room, moved the furniture, but couldn't find the spider. The final solution for that night was to move my bed to the middle of the floor (not near any wall) so that I could go back to sleep. :)

  13. We lived on Okinawa for a couple of years,the place with the world's largest spiders. If they weren't the size of the palm of my hand, they were babies. :-( We only had one that came into our house, however.

  14. Fear of spiders and snakes and frogs was not an option raising my oldest son. We had all three as pets...not to mention the mice and rats to feed the snake (6 foot boa). Soooo, I rarely dream of such things. I'm usually reliving my youth in my dreams....Hmmmm??? Wonder what that means.
    Hugs, Joyce

  15. Most dreams I can take, except for those freaking vivid flashbacks of getting a beating. Holy mother...I can do without those any day. Your just like me with the TBR books, it doesn't matter if you have enough at home, if you see somthing interesting you can't help but pick it up for a rainy day. (Hugs)Indigo


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