Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun with friends

Aubrey and Jillian Today I met up with a couple of pals from the lab, Aubrey and Jillian. Aren't they pretty? I asked permission to put this up on the blog, and after they approved of the picture, they agreed. Jillian told Aubrey, "We made the blog!" Ha ha! It was so nice to talk with them and get caught up on everything! Like I told them, I sure don't miss the lab, but I definitely miss them and the rest of the gang. It sounds like everyone is doing okay, despite a few health scares, etc. Apparently our lab has started a wellness program, just like Ken's did, and they sort of forced people into it by saying that if you participated in the program, your heath insurance costs would stay the same. If you chose not to, they would go up.

I've said it before here, that I believe as a nation, we need to get away from the "I'll deal with it when I have to" mentality and start focusing on preventive care. This will save us millions in healthcare costs, and spending money to make sure that everyone gets the screening tests they need will save us much more in the long run. Just my opinion, but it sure seems logical to me.

Anyhoo, we enjoyed a martooni or three (Jillian also loved the pomegranate martini at Applebee's--Aubrey had a mango martini, and it was apparently quite a bit sweeter.) and had a really nice time! It was great to see them, and I'm glad Aubrey was our social coordinator and got us together. Yay!

Beth and Oven Mitt I had promised David a picture of me and Oven Mitt. Since I was wearing my contacts and had on makeup, this was the day to get a picture of me and OM! Does anyone remember Arby's Oven Mitt? We just loved the little guy, especially the commercial where he was working out. "One-two, one-two!" I guess I covered up his Arby logos with my hands, but I didn't want to drop him.

Whew, I'm glad we're having leftovers tonight. I can't say I feel much like cooking! And Ken has a day off tomorrow! Yahoo!


  1. Preach it, girlfriend. Our bodies are a gift from G-d and how we treat them is our gift back to Him. Ten years ago, I broke my ankle. My job didn't carry health coverage and the church i attended stepped in and not only took care of my medical bills, but helped me out until I could get back on my feet (no pun intended) Later that year, my mum had a massive stroke and I had to leave my job to care for her. Again, that same church stepped in.
    I will always be grateful for the true love of G-d that was shown to my mother and I during that time. I agree that we must live healthier lives, take the needed steps to remain healthy, but also be willing to offer a helping hand to a fellow human being.
    It isn't just the g-dly thing to do, but the Amercian thing to do.
    Hugs, Laini

  2. Hi Beth,
    Wow ... I had almost but not quite forgotten Oven Mitt. Thanks for the reminder! I've made a mental note to myself to never, ever forget OM again ...

  3. OM is my hero :o)

    Glad you had a good time.

  4. I am getting too much of a kick out of Oven Mitt. Was he vaguely famous? I have no Oven Mitt Recall.

    I keep in touch with several people from past jobs as well, it is somewhat comforting since I was their boss, and they don't hate me :-).

    I used to talk a bit about preventitive care when I was running medical practices but either I was preaching to the choir(the folks already practicing it & nodding in agreement) or I was pissing off those who only go to the doctor or curtail their actions when the pain is waking them up at night. I come from a family(on Mom's side) of severe diabetics coupled with lots of heart attack action, so I tow the line with certain things, not wanting to follow in their foot steps. ~Mary

  5. I DO remember OM. Damn, sometimes I amaze myself.
    But, other times I still have prolonged bouts of
    CRS (can't remember s*t).
    Thanks for stopping by today, been a crappy day.

  6. i *heart* the oven mitt!


  7. OM!!!!! I totally loved him!!! You and DD are cosmically connected!

  8. I'm so glad that you & the girls were able to get together. They are pretty! Love the oven mitt, & you look gorgeous too.

  9. I do remember oven mitt. Arby's hAD ONE COMMERCIAL A QUITE A WHILE BACK AND WHEN IT CAME ON i JUST WANTED TO DROP EVERYTHING AND GO GET ONE. Funny thing is I don't think I ever did go and get one. Lucy

  10. There is also a mentality is that a pill can fix anything....instead of choosing a healthy life style, I will take a pill for whatever..

  11. Dirk and I hike. We love walking together. We take Katie out and she rides her bike. Ours need repaired right now. Dirk takes a handful of different types of vitamins every day, and he's the only man over 50 I know that doesn't need glasses.
    That picture of you made me smile. I did remember the Arby's commercial. I'll bet that old commercial is on YouTube somewhere.

  12. You look like you are 16 years old! What magic potions do you drink? Do share your secrets!

    Glad you had fun with the girls and your oven mit is adorable.

    Hugs, Rose

  13. Sounds like a fun lunch. At the high school they are taking a slightly updated version of Phys ed. More along the lines of physical wellness. I think it may help in the long run. Exercise for fun's sake. :)

  14. Glad you got to go out with gal pals. I did the same thing on Monday night, and it was so nice and relaxing and full of interesting talk.

  15. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

    This post has made me hungry for Arby's and thirsty for a cocktail ... all at the same time. :)


  16. Good to see you and OM again if only
    in a photo. Both of you look great.
    I am missing the Taco Bell chihauha.
    (No spell check!) I guess he could
    not be replaced. Keep in touch with
    old friends, and include me! Pat

  17. cock-a-tails sounds yummy! and I DO remember Oven Mitt...he was cute excersing!!

  18. I love the sangria that they have at Appleby's!

  19. Sounds like a great time out with friends. Love the picture of you and Oven Mitt!


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