Sunday, April 5, 2009

The S-Word

They're calling for snow tonight and tomorrow, with some accumulation possible. Augh! A gloomy, rainy day here at Nutwood, but it's nice to be cozy inside. I've got a roast and potatoes and carrots in the crock pot, so it smells yummy in here!

If you're on Facebook, you've seen all the quizzes, like "What kind of pizza are you?" (I just made that up, but it wouldn't surprise me if there really is one called that.) I've been working on one of my own, and I'm close to being done. I'll probably finish it tomorrow and then I'll tell you about it (and share it with those of you on Facebook). It's been very frustrating, because some of the quiz creating applications are not very good, and kept freezing up or giving me an error message. I think I've almost got it tackled, though, and even made myself chuckle a couple of times.

I came across a neat website today called Snagfilms. It's been around for a little while, but I just read about it today. You can watch documentaries, over 600 titles. Unfortunately, it looks like there are some commercials in there, too, but I can put up with that. There are a couple of National Geographic ones about Egypt and the pyramids, and I was thrilled to see one recommended to me by Marc, "After the Fall." It's about Berlin after the Wall came down. I think I'll watch one tomorrow.

A couple of good bird sightings today! Nothing new, but nice, closeup views. An Eastern Phoebe was on the back deck railing for a moment, and I was really excited to get a good look at Woody, our Pileated Woodpecker! I see them out in the trees sometimes, or hear their loud call, but I've never seen one come up as close to the house as I did today. I also discovered who pecked the hole in one of our black cherry trees. You're busted, Woody! Isn't he handsome? Actually, this is a female, with a black forehead and mustache instead of red. These are huge birds, maybe 18 inches (about 46 cm), and their beaks look incredibly powerful. I still need to get a picture of the tree stump that they have completely stripped of bark and pecked holes in--after seeing Woody go after the black cherry tree in the picture, I'm pretty certain they're the ones who have gone after the stump.

Here are a few pictures.

Oh, and an Anon by any other name would be...a Cynthia. [rolling eyes] Criminy, now they're answering their own comments. What is this, "The Three Faces of Eve?"


  1. Birds just the way that I like them--in pictures! Snagfilms is very interesting, thanks for the link. Of course, I'm a lousy typist. Fortunately I actually proofread my comment and realized that I had refered to the documentary site as Shagfilms.

  2. Love the picture of Woody. What a handsome guy ~well Ken is too. Can you believe after all the nasty weather we've had my weather station is showing 68* for an outside temp and 71* inside here with both my front door open and the slider open. I still have to go out & mow that big back yard & I'm dreading it because I'm probably going to 'glisten' by the time I finish. But the prediction is for rain to return Tuesday or Wednesday and tomorrow I want to go see a friend of mine (in other words~play). Dinner sounds YUM-EE what time will it be ready? Linda in sunny & warm Washington

  3. My question is about those "How _____ are you?" quizzes. I never answer them because I don't know how to do so without sending them to every one of my Facebook friends. Can you tell me how to make it possible to take the quizzes then just send them to selected people? I hate to bother everyone with them, but I do have some friends with whom it would be fun to exchange answers. Can't wait to see the one you're concocting!

  4. It's just starting to snow here, and I noticed that they have already canceled the White Sox home opener tomorrow (no loss there, as my Cubs basis comes shining through). I don't think there is anything more depressing than winter in April!

    I couldn't find it, but I definitely heard a woodpecker in our backyard this morning when we were leaving. Hope he's got a warm place to stay tonight...

  5. To bad Anon is not smart enough to get the reference to the Goodfellas movie line.

    Stupid Birds :o)

  6. It was beautiful and sunny here in South Texas!

  7. Snow? It's supposed to down in the 20s here the next few nights...Brrr. Looking forward to your quiz. Love the pictures. Stay warm.

  8. lol@ Sheria's comment about Shagfilms has a whole different meaning here in the UK..lmao
    Look forward to seeing your quiz and of course will do.

    Take care


  9. Eastern Phoebe ... I thought she moved west when all the gang broke up ... figured she'd be haging with Joey ...

    Did the wood pecker to the laugh and all that? Would be cool if it did!

  10. Hi Beth,
    So sorry to hear about the snow prediction. Let's hope there's no accumulation!

  11. She prefers Woodalina. She is a gorgeous bird and that quite a close photo. I haven't read some of your other entries yet (so I'm out of the anon loop for the time being) because they had the letters E and R too close together. I'm watching the finale tonight. Keep the bird photos coming, all we seem to get are giant crows. (once we thought a bird up in the tree was one of the red tailed hawks that live in the woods but it was just a HUGE crow) I love my crows and all but couldn't they sprout a few red or yellow feathers occasionally? ;)

  12. Ok, so do the woodpeckers ever annoy you? I ask because up at my cabin I have a few that sure, they are fun to watch and listen too during the day. However, at dawn when they are trying to woodpeck into my cabin, I'm not loving them so much. (It's REALLY loud inside, not to mention the damage they do)
    It snowed here on Friday, all day, and today? Warm, bright and sunny beautiful Spring day. The tease Mother Nature has been pulling lately is going past the point of 'haha good joke'
    Stay warm!

  13. We offically have spring in Smallville.
    Dogwoods blooming? Check.
    Azaleas? Check.
    Crabapple? Indeed.
    Willow tree? Amen.
    Weeds pulled? I have the sore knees and aching back to prove it!

  14. Your woodpecker is quite impressive.


  15. This weather is still an improvement for me.

  16. We did not get our snow but it is colder than billy hell.

  17. We have woodpeckers visit our garden they look exactly like yours ~
    Hope you don't get too much snow ~ Ally x

  18. The first time I saw one of those woodpeckers, I thought it was a freak of nature. It was huge, like 18-20", and pecking on a tall tree in my back yard (in Bloomington, IN).
    Sorry about your weather.

  19. We're on Facebook, but never seem the Pizza quiz. Have to look for it.

  20. Thanks for the "Snagfilms" site. Very interesting.

    Facebook is too much work for me for some reason. Must be the age factor!

    Hugs, Rose

  21. I did your quiz, and apparently I'm malaria! We have woodpeckers around here; a nest in one of the trees on the creek bank, I think, because that's where I usually see them. I love sitting out on the porch and hearing them going to town!

  22. Beth, thanks for your link to Snagfilms. I went to check it out and decided to watch the film on Harvey Milk. It is curious how I remembered some of those events in Calafornia in the 70s. Basically, I remembered the riots after the trial of Dan White. Impressive film.
    (With age comes some wisdom.)


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