Monday, April 6, 2009

What the…?

Left to right: back yard to the northwest, front yard, and back yard to the north.

After Ken went to bed last night, I flipped on the outside light and saw big fat snowflakes coming down, and about an inch already on the deck. I left Ken a note that he might want to take the truck, because it looked like a really dense, wet snow that would make it slow going in the Mustang. He emailed me from work to let me know that he'd made it okay, and he said it was really bad on the back roads, but better on the highways.

Almost all of it has melted by now, can you believe that? The official total from the airport was a couple of inches, I think, but at our place, it looks like 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) on the deck. It's sunny right now, but we're supposed to get some lake effect snow tonight. Pffttthhh. I know our hardwood trees will be okay, but I hope this doesn't kill all our flowers that were coming up! That would bum me out.

I finished my Facebook quiz and successfully posted it! YES! I'm like a dog with a bone when it comes to stuff like that. I can hardly stand it until I manage to get it to work. The endless Facebook quizzes have gotten kind of funny. There are some that are fun to take...but I don't really need or care to know what color I am, what type of woman I am, or what Winnie the Pooh character I am! No offense to anyone who takes them, but keep in mind that I just wrote a it's people like me who are writing them! My friend Dan (Milwaukee Dan #1) recently wrote on Facebook that the quizzes seemed to be getting a little out of hand, so I jokingly wrote that I was going to write a "What infectious disease are you?" quiz. Enough friends (mostly lab friends, go figure!) wrote that I should do I did! It is firmly tongue-in-cheek, believe me, and there are some subtle microbiology jokes in there. Although I suppose that most microbiology jokes are subtle. Ha! I've got three STD's in there, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and syphilis, and I don't think anyone is an STD so far.

If you're on Facebook, I could only send 20 invitations today, so if I didn't send it to you, you can find it on my page, under my picture on the left.

I'm just now watching clips of Levi Johnston on the Tyra Banks show. Dang, I wish I'd known that was airing today, I would have watched it! Man, what kind of train wreck is this mess? Is this the Aleutian Hillbillies? It's on the verge of Jerry Springeresque, with Levi saying that he lived with the Palins before the baby was due, the Governor's spokesperson denying it, he and Bristol were practicing safe sex all the wait, most of the time, Levi can't take the baby anywhere, etc., etc. This whole thing is just sad. I didn't hear the entire interview, but last I knew, he had dropped out of high school. It's a sad circus.

Wildcat hoops NCAA championship tonight! Before the game, be sure to read The Wildcat's Lair, which has chronicled the Bracket Battle of 2009. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm curious to see whether Wildcat or Page the dog will win the battle. It's some of the funniest stuff you'll read out there, folks. Pay the gang a visit!

We'll be cheering for Michigan State tonight. No offense to the North Carolina fans out there--I actually like NC, too. But I have to cheer for a Big Ten team, and I kind of like State's Cinderella story. This means a lot to the state of Michigan, and I have to pull for our neighbors. Go State!


  1. We had snow in the forecast, but so far I haven't seen any. I can't believe how much you guys got!

  2. Young love (aka Underage Sex) is a beautiful thing:

    Levi and Bristol, sitting in a tree, f - * - c - k - i - n - g, First came love, then came marriage, .... Oh wait, start over.

    Levi and Bristol, laying in the Governor's mansion, f - * - c - k - i - n - g, First came love, then came the baby, then came the split that proves what a bunch of lying hypocrites the religious "right" is!

    (Ah, poetry. Don't ya just love it?!!)

  3. There's snow flurries in the forecast way down here too! The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for always sharing them - I've always loved the snow!


  4. Hi Beth,
    Hmmmm ... I've always wondered what infectious disease I would be. Am hoping I can be Typhoid Marty. Perhaps I'll take your quiz and find out!

  5. Guess I am your first STD :o)

    Thanks for including the metric, because I was confused.

  6. We had a bit of rain today, and c-c-c-c-cold tonight, but sunny, so I'll take it.

    Levi's story is just another example of not believing a syllable that leaves the lipsticked lips of Sarah Palin.
    My my my, that gal does fib....wink....wink.

  7. True or no, if Levi Johnston had been my son I would have kicked his butt from one end of this country to another. One does not air one's dirty laundry out like that. It sounds like Levi is trying to prove what a big man he is by dragging Bristol in the mud and that makes me question his tale. Bistrol should be glad to have that zero out of her life. May she finally grow up and find a man (not a male) who truly loves her and will help raise her little boy.

  8. I do not see that snow. I do not see that snow.
    If I get snow around here, after today was a glorios 70 plus in temps...I'm soooo blaming you. Oh yes, YOU.
    It's part of the Spring Voodoo Curse responsibility thing. Ya know?
    I'm afraid if I actually tried to sign onto Facebook I'd get a no entrance bouncer at the door, He'd list off all my twitter whoring and deem me an unacceptable traitor.

  9. Hope that snow clears away and don't come back until next winter ~ loved your pictures ~ with spring just around the corner we should start to get some nice warm days ~ Ally x

  10. I love your photos...they are so pretty. We actually got snow flurries here but no accumulation. Where has Spring gone?


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