Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going green…for real

For the past two days, when I took a shower, I cleaned out the drain afterwards, and I found pieces of leaves.

Either I'm picking them up while walking on the deck with bare feet, or I'm turning into a tree. That might not be a bad way to come back in a next life (although if I had my druthers, I'd be a house cat). Maybe I could hold a hummingbird nest!

[A Silver Squirrel Award to anyone who can identify the plant in this photo! Click on the photo to embiggen and get a better look.]

Ken is off tomorrow, and it's supposed to be warm and sunny in the afternoon. I foresee a little deck-sitting time in our future! We'll go pick up the keys to his Mom and stepdad's apartment tomorrow, and make sure everything looks good. I'll be relieved to get this move taken care of because I'm telling you...they are absolutely buggin'. His stepdad wants to pick up the truck on Saturday and start loading it. The guy uses a cane and has had a couple of back surgeries. I think Ken convinced him to leave the loading of the truck to us and another couple who will be helping. There will be no back injuries if we can help it! I was writing to Cousin Shane today, and said that I guess Ken and I (and my family is like this, too) take more of a que sera, sera attitude. We definitely plan ahead and try to take care of all possibilities, but there will always be unforeseen bumps in the road, and I think it's important to be able to adapt and adjust accordingly. As REO Speedwagon said, gotta roll with the changes!

I don't think I'm a fatalistic person, believing that the worst that can happen will. I'm much more optimistic than that. But I also know that we're going to get a few curve balls when we step up to bat, and we'd better be prepared to adjust when life changes it up on us. As my Mom likes to say, "It'll all work out in the wash." Maybe that's why I don't like drama. It serves no purpose other than to work yourself or others into a tizzy, and being in a tizzy doesn't bode well for figuring out a solution to the problem at hand. Right?

Award Honest Blogger Finally, a big thank you to Kristi of Rambling Woolysheep who has given me the Honest Blogger award. I thanked her for the award, but said that it was hard enough for me to come up with ten honest things about me the first time I received the award, so I was not going to be doing another ten! What she wrote about me was what really tickled me:

Beth DOES NOT, WILL NOT hold back an opinion. And she can take down snarkers with razor like wit and humor. But be warned she will fill up your updates box. She must just be able to think the words onto the page because I can't comprehend humans typing that fast.

That first line made me laugh! It's so true, but I really am trying to temper my opinionated self. I often hold back in real life, because in social situations, one does not create a stir, or an argument! I've written about how many in my family don't feel the same way I do about a lot of things, and in the interest of family harmony, I just don't go there. (We've got another situation coming up soon, with friends...I think I might have to take some duct tape along and place it over my own mouth.) However, this is my blog, and I will never hold back my opinion here. I try to be cool about it, but I think I make it pretty obvious how I feel about things. One of the things I feel very strongly about is censorship, and as with every other media, whether it's TV, radio, books, or music, no one is holding a gun to your head subjecting you to reading or listening. There is an off button, you can choose not to buy the book, you can change the radio station...and you can hit that big X and stop reading me if thine eye offends thee. Free will: it's a beautiful thing!


  1. Poison ivy????? Can't quite tell....

  2. I wouldn't use the duct tape on the mouth techinque if I were you, it's very nasty to remove. Try a wad of chocolate instead.


  3. Beth - I love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and a bit of your life with us. You definitely deserve The Honest Blogger award! (Twice!!) Also, Roll With the Changes is one of my favorite REO songs!!! (I knew it had to happen, felt the tables turning, got me through my darkest hour...)

  4. I was going to go with Poison Ivy also, but I see that Laurel beat me to it.


  5. I bet you guys will be glad when the big move is over! I'm praying that everything works out just fine. Enjoy your day with Ken on the deck! Maybe you will see some new critters to share!

  6. You are opinionated, but it is your blog. I don't always agree with you, but I like your perspective. I've never found you to be hurtful or spiteful...even with trolls!

  7. Your "going green" reminded me of a song by John Gorka, titled 'Branching Out.'
    It says, and I won't do the whole thing here, but you'll get the gist:
    "When I grow up I wanna be a tree,
    wanna make my home with the birds and the bees,
    and the squirrles, they can count on me,
    when I grow up to be a tree.
    I'll let my joints get still
    Put my feet in the ground
    Take the winters off and settle down
    Keep my clothes till they turn brown
    When I grow up I'm gonna settle down.
    When the spring comes by I'm gonna get real green.
    If the dogs come by I'm gonna get real mean.
    On windy days I'll bend and lean.
    When I grow up I'm gonna get real green.
    If I should fall in storm or slumber,
    please don't trurn me into lumber.
    I'd rather be a Louisville slugger,
    swinging'for the seats."

    I like the sentiment.

    See it here:

  8. Leaves in the hair, that tells me you're getting outside, a lot, and enjoying the weather. Never a bad thing. I like to consider myself an optimist with a good dose of thing will go wrong, no biggie, I'm good with it, so lets be prepared. When I'm not prepared for something, I try, really try, not to make a big deal out of it. Of course, I say that, but all I've been whining about on my blog lately is my tooth issue. But, in my defense, it HURTS SO BAD!!! I miss my non pained, non drugged brain. But, what I can I do?
    I love your blog, your honesty and the way you reach across the world of topics at our feet and put your special touch to them. Tis a beautiful delight to find in the blogosphere~

  9. I think it is poison oak, and I would
    stay as far as possible from it. I hear
    it is as potent as ivy but clings to
    You definitely deserve that award. I can
    appreciate anyone who is candid. My mom
    was that way, and everyone knew where she
    stood on issues, take it or leave it.
    Have a great day. Pat

  10. Stupid poison ivy, it certainly has had its way with me several times since we moved here.

  11. wild grape vine? No, it's probably something poison oak/ivy.

  12. I hope, hope, hope your friends don't bring that up when you see them. It will be hard for you to temper those opinions. And I tend to be the same way as you, my motto is Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.


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