Thursday, May 21, 2009

To be continued

I was all fired up about today’s entry, gathering some quotes…then we ate dinner (barbecue sammitches, baked beans, and cole slaw), and that effectively quenched my fire.

Something to ponder: can revolutions take place on a full stomach?

Today’s entry called on account of satiety. Play will resume tomorrow.


  1. Revolutions are often called on account of rain and satisfaction.

  2. I think revolutions can take place on a full stomach; they just take longer to complete, what with all the waddling.

    I'm completely intrigued to know what you were going to write about.

  3. I think the "leader" of a revolution( like, let's say, Che Guevara- I'm not thinking of nonviolent ones like MLK) can have a full stomach, but not so for the vast majority of the minions- many are perceived as downtrodden & pitiable. But then some of the leaders are impulsive egomanics( make great sexual partners, but a lousy husband/wife-or ruler in mundane times)who go against their own ideologies to get what they want.

    I had a college professor who preached that all revolutionary leaders were insane. I certainly don't think you could adjudicate them all insane, but I do believe many were/are at the very least, narcissistic, bipolar &/or borderline personalities. That is not to say I don't think some of them did a lot of good, in an irreverent & risk prone way, I do, but the means was often a lot different that what they actually presented their course to be.

    Now that I've written out my generalizations, I will say revolutionary cries of radical element types do make me re-eval my stance on many things.


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