Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Golden Day!

Silver Squirrel Award First things first: congratulations to Laurel of Ramblings of a Route 66 Business Owner, for being the first to correctly guess that the plant on my last entry is poison ivy. Laurel has garnered her second Silver Squirrel, so she is a force to be reckoned with!

Unfortunately, in the front of our house, we have plenty of poison ivy. It's actually a very pretty and green plant, but it's evil! I'm not very allergic to it, and since we've moved here, I've only had one small spot on my arm; Ken hasn't been so lucky. He is highly susceptible to it, and on a couple of occasions, it has gone systemic on him and he's had to get a prescription for steroids. Most of the plants are on the ground, but we have a few impressive vines that climb high on the trees. Some of the leaves are larger than my hand. As much as we love nature, we've learned to be cautious of many things, and poison ivy is only one example. There are plenty of stinging insects, mosquitoes (and probably West Nile virus), ticks, you name it. (No snakes so far, knock on wood!)

It's all worth it, though, and we adapt and adjust, as I wrote about yesterday. We enjoyed sitting on the deck today, and you couldn't ask for a better day. Sunny and low 80's, not a cloud in the sky! Things are really getting green, and it's so lush out front now that I can't even see the Nutwood Hillbilly house across the road. Yay!

JMC18 We headed out on errands today, and it was so nice, we were able to have the top down on Ken's Mustang. AC/DC was in the CD player, and all was right with the world. We picked up the keys to his Mom and stepdad's apartment, and did a little inspection. There was some stuff tracked in, but no point in vacuuming it now, because we'll be tracking in lots more as we move everything in. I think we're good to go, and now we just need to have a successful move and trouble-free journey. I'm sorry that we won't get to spend much time on Route 66 on the way down, and a visit to Art's Motel for lunch will have to wait until our big Route 66 trip. Thank goodness we stopped at John's Modern Cabins last year, because I'm not sure they'll still exist when we do the whole road. So sad. No, that isn’t a picture of the in-laws’ new apartment…that is John’s Modern Cabins. Smart alecks.

Sorry I didn't do much commenting today. I didn't spend a lot of time in front of the computer! I'm sure you understand.


  1. Thanks for the Silver Squirrel No. 2. What's the proper word for more than one squirrel? A herd? A pack? :-) I'm going for No. 3!

    You beat me to the punch with your comment that the pic of John's Modern Cabins isn't that of the housing you chose for your in-laws. You're right about John's being very nearly gone. I got a report from someone just the other day who said it's now blocked off and crumbling into nothingness. So sad. It's one of the memories I have of my first adult Route 66 trip about 20 years ago.

    When David took steroids for systemic poison ivy, would always say that the steroids made him feel worse than the plant itself. Keep Ken away from that stuff!

  2. So is Ken going to be able to hit monster home runs because of getting his 'treatment' for posion ivy?

  3. Hubby is very allergic to poison ivy too. I'll be glad when the move is over for your sakes!

    Sounds like you & Ken had a good day!

  4. My daughter was always seriously allergic to poison ivy when she was a kid. The first time she got it, it was so bad she had it inside her nose and mouth. The doctor said she was so allergic that she didn't even have to touch it. He said she could get it 'through the air' or from being tracked in on the bottoms of shoes.

    If Ken is hyperallergic to it he should get shots for it in season.

  5. I've never gotten poison Ivy. I've always lived in places where we have so I'm not sure if I'm lucky or immune to it's evilness. I'll probably find out this year though as I have some major landscaping I want to do and a lot of it revolves around the area of the yard that has tons of the stuff. Yes, it will be killed. Ok, probably not, the stuff is like a cockroach and ridiculous hard to kill but I'll try. ;) We spent yesterday at the zoo and fishing (not me but the girl kid and hubby fished, I watched). Today we just played outdoors. Tomorrow will be getting my flower beds ready and tilling up some areas of the yard that will be getting flowers. My yard is going to be so fucking colorful this year, you'll have seizures if you turn your head too fast. :))))

  6. I used to live in Stroud, Oklahoma just a couple of blocks from the intersection of 66 and 99. You ever been through there?

  7. I try to avoid poison Ivy like the plague. We used to get into nettles, which if I remember right looked like any other weed but they could sting like crazy and itch. Not pleasant. Lucy

  8. That was very unfair. We on the west coast aren't blessed with poison ivy, just poison oak. Congaratulations to Laurel though.

  9. Hi Beth,
    Those cabins look cozy. Where do I sign up?

  10. As the computer dummy that I am I will have to get used to Chrome but I have always liked google. I have an IGoogle page but neglected it when I started blogging. Right on , any nast remarks about Cheney I love to hear. I can not stand that man. Have a safe trip and dry trip to move your mother in law.


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