Thursday, June 18, 2009

And on the seventh day, God created IMAX

Still no pictures for you. I took some today, but I'm too tired and mellow to mess with them tonight. A margarita or two might have contributed to my mellowtudinousness. You know what she is, no doubt about it, she's a bad bad girlfriend blogger!

It was a fab day with my hubby and our pal Mark! The Trek exhibit was so cool, and wait till you see the picture of us on the bridge of the Enterprise...! I think my favorite was the Guardian of Forever, a full-size replica of the gateway to yesterday from my all-time favorite episode, "The City on the Edge of Forever." (Jim has to let Joan Collins die in order to preserve his and the earth's future. Now that I think about it, why was that such a hard decision?) Both Ken and I stepped through the portal, and we should be getting back to normal soon. (Why are you laughing? I don't see what's so funny. Jeez.) I'd be lying if I said that I didn't get teary-eyed seeing the Guardian. After the exhibit, we walked a few blocks to the Majestic, where we had some cool amber beverages outside on their patio (because it was a beautimous day!) and got to talk "up close and personal." (Get that reference, Mark?) Then we made our way back to the Science Center, because we had tickets for the 4:30 showing of the new "Star Trek" movie at...get this...their IMAX THEATER! Yes, we got to see it on an IMAX screen, and man, did that ever make my day!

After the movie we went to Mexican Town to Mark's favorite Mexican restaurant, and it was some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. The chunky beef burrito was SO good. We had so much fun talking with Mark, and he's a total peach. We are definitely batting a thousand when it comes to meeting up with blogger friends--first Marty, and then Mark. We hope to continue our winning streak, and a name starting with M is not a requirement...but we're coming for you, Myraaaa...ha!

We're planning on a visit to the Astoria bakery with Mark tomorrow morning, and then Ken and I hope to do some picture-taking before we head to Monroe to see Bill and Mary Sue. Got a few pictures today of the old train depot, but I'd love to get some more. We'll see what we can scare up tomorrow. A great day in Motown! As much as I love the quiet and solitude of Nutwood, I still love being in a city once in a while. It's a whole different experience, and I had a great time today just walking in midtown.

More soon!


  1. y'all went to xochi's?????? i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!

    i got to label math manipulatives all day and dress shop for tony's sister's wedding.

    glad you are enjoying the d-- if you have the time go to the polish disneyland on the way to monroe. i dont remember how to get there but it is wicked close to 75 south in hamtramck.



  3. A must-see is “Hamtramck Disneyland,” tucked away on the alley running behind Klinger north of Caniff. Folk artist and Ukranian immigrant Dmytro Szylak has created a truly spectacular sight in his backyard that practically exceeds the third dimension by harnessing the wind to create structural movement.

    i am so taking tony there next weekend! i hope you enjoy it.

  4. Mellowtudinousess...beautimous...LOL are you sure you aint had one to many of the amber nectar !! I am so glad that you are having such a wonderful few days.
    Much Love Sybil x

  5. I am so glad that you are having fun here! I may have to make a side trip when we go to Indiana, we go to Shipshwana(sp?) a lot. Have a safe rest of your trip. Astoria is awesome!!! Soo Good!!!!!!

  6. LOL...come on down! Or is that over? Anywho...I knew you guys would have a great time. Glad to be added to the list of possible meet ups...or is just because my name does start with "M".!

  7. Funny you mentioned Hamtramack Alaina ... I suggested that they check it out when we parted company earlier ...

    Great people, for sure!! And the IMax was stunning @ the Science center ... EVERY movie needs to be done like that!!

  8. Sounds like you're having a great time! Keep it up!

  9. OhMyGawd!!!! I am so jealous! I want to see the Star Trek exhibit sooooooooooo bad! I HAVE to get some friends together and go see it. Can you email me some details so I can look it up? Thanks!


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