Sunday, June 14, 2009

The day…I’m lovin’ it!

Nutwood Early June3 Good evening, Citizens!

I hope you've all had as lovely a day as we've had here at Nutwood. Before I get to that....

For those of you that don't do the Facebook thing, I posted a brief update there about the latest with FM (family member). We talked yesterday, and I'm happy to report that she sounds like she's doing really well. She's already talked to a lawyer, and papers will probably be served this week. She said that in some ways, she almost feels a sense of relief...I said, "That should tell you a lot," and she agreed. Here's the real kicker. Remember the conversation I reported, in which the cheating husband told me that as far as he was concerned, I wasn't welcome in their house? And then brought up my ex-husband of 20 years? FM was talking to the CH, and he told her, "I've decided to forgive your parents and your [family member]."

HA! Boy howdy, did I ever get a laugh out of that! I said, "Oh really? How generous of him!" FM said, "I knew you'd get a kick out of that." What unbelievable arrogance, to cop the attitude that HE is the one who has been wronged, that FM's parents were the bad guys or that little ol' me had done him wrong and was mean to him. It never ceases to amaze me to see someone who has so obviously done something very wrong, and who is 100% busted, try to twist things around and blame others or pretend to be the one hurt and the one wronged. That's a special kind of asshattery right there, and there must be some sort of pathology going on, too. Compulsive lying? Narcissism? I'm not sure, but it is definitely NOT COOL.

And guess what? I've decided not to forgive him. How does that grab ya, Mister Man? (I think my guilty pleasure movie tonight might have to be "Misery." Always a fun one!)

That was yesterday. Today was very enjoyable and we got quite a bit done! We did sleep quite late, because I was up until 4:45, and Ken said he wasn't able to get tired and was up until 8:30. Ouch! We got out in the afternoon and Ken built another garden bed frame while I cut holes in the plastic for the plants, and built trellises for the beans and cucumbers. It was a little on the humid side, but it felt so good just to be out there, work up a sweat, and enjoy the day! After Ken left for work (too soon, darn it), I spent some time out on the deck reading, and then started figuring out what clothes to take on our Detroit trip this week. I'll get back out to the garden tomorrow and get things planted. (I’ll get pictures tomorrow.) With as warm as the soil is, and the warm weather we're supposed to have this week, things should start popping quickly.

It was so quiet as I was sitting out reading. I listened to the birds, and once in a while I'd hear a rustle, which was Chip or Dale scurrying through the leaves. I watched him for a while, and later, I saw a bunny. I think everyone was happy to be out and about today, and I look forward to a repeat tomorrow!


  1. I'm happy about your FM moving on! Your evening sounds wonderful.

  2. You know, I will catch you up on the details, but I will say that there is a point where cowardice outweighs responsiblity in that situation.

    His ego is wanting someone to be liable for his being a creep. That is what that is.

    Glad your FM is a strong girl ... maybe I caught this on FB as it reads familiar.

  3. Like you, I always find it funny that the ones who did the "bad thing" are the ones to play the "I forgive" card.
    Utter blindness.
    But better still, what a beautiful day you had, and nice that the weather cooperates somewhat.

  4. You know how I feel about the situation. Ninja, that's all I'm saying, Ninja. ;)~ I hope to get out and get the rest of my crap planted this week. Funny how when I buy it all, I'm excited to see it sprout but eventually, I'm more jesus christ will this shit just sprout legs and plant itself?

  5. I'm so very glad that your, cheating, lying in-law has seen it in his peach-pit heart to forgive you. I'm sure being on the ledge with that, will he forgive me? won't he forgive me? must have been torture.~Mary ;-o

  6. Does mt heart good to see that your FM is doing alright. When push comes to shove the better of all involved comes out, I hope you read that as Yea for the FM and her support group.

  7. yay fm! yay beth! boo CH! may one thousand sand fleas infest his private regions....

    nutwood looks like a slice of paradise to me.


  8. Hi Beth,
    Sounds like a nice day ... and a very entertaining update regarding that SoB soon-to-be-ex of FM. He forgives you. How magnanimous. This guy has a warped sense of reality.

  9. I'm sure you will sleep much better knowing that he forgives you. Sounds like FM is moving on and doing much better.

    And, it sounds like you got it too cushy
    ...sitting on the deck, reading and listening to the birds sing! (lol)

  10. again, i hope he gets a painful wart on the end of his penis. Forgive YOU? Yeah, ok. Good luck to your FM.
    glad you got out and enjoyed the weather and got some stuff done.


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