Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back home, happy, and tired

But oddly energized. Maybe it was the Diet Cokes I had at breakfast.

It was so great to see Bill and Mary Sue. They really are the nicest people, and it was wonderful to get caught up with them and talk about what is going on with all of us. Their twins, Amy and Beth, are beautiful and kind young women (although not so little, and a Silver Squirrel to anyone who gets that reference!), and it was a pleasure to see them all. After dinner, we made an early night of it because Ken wasn't feeling well (he had some creamed herring for a snack that day, and I think that was probably a bad idea), but met for breakfast this morning and had more good conversation. One of the nicest things for me was having Bill--who has known Ken for years--tell me that the first time he met me, he told Mary Sue, "I like her." It just meant a lot for me to hear one of Ken's very good friends say that, you know?

A quick trip back from Monroe, and a stop to see Ken's Mom and stepdad. We had a nice visit, and Ken got their DVD player up and running so they can watch "Gran Torino." We were happy to get home and see Sheeba, who was quite happy to see us, too. Cousin Shane took good care of him, as always, and Sheeba is sitting contentedly by us. He's a good boy.

When I called Mom to let her and Dad know that we made it home okay, she told me that FM has been talking to Cheater Husband (heretofore known as CH) and they might be trying to work things out.

[expletive deleted]

Another FM called me later, and we talked about it for quite a while. My feeling is that while I will support whatever decision FM makes, that doesn't mean I want to or have to be around CH. I think it best that I NOT be around him, and Ken said the same thing...that if he were in the same room with him, his first reaction would be to pick the guy up by his shirt collar, slam him against the wall, and say, "Don't EVER talk to my wife that way again." BOO-yah! Ken and I are in agreement that we don't want to be around the guy, and it's probably best that we not be in the same room with him. I told Ken that the moment I caught CH looking at me weird, I'd be all up in his face and saying, "Don't you fucking look at me that way, and get the fuck away from me." Sorry, but I was almost apoplectic at the thought of FM taking this asshole back. I told Other FM that it was interesting that although CH said that he'd decided to forgive me, I've gotten no phone call (or even an email) from him. If you've decided to forgive someone, don't you let them know about it yourself, rather than relaying the message through another? Other FM asked me, "If he did call you up and apologize, what would you do?" I said, "Sorry. No one treats my FM that way, or talks about my parents that way, and gets a free pass. Apology not accepted."

I guess I'm stubborn that way.

I apologized to Ken for the family drama, and he knows how much I hate it. He said, "It's not like I have any family drama going on!" Good point, and he's a peach.

More soon about our trip, including pictures, but a quick, early Happy Father's Day to all! I love my Dad, and I’ll be happy, pleased, and proud to tell him so tomorrow. We’ll have the ‘rents over on Wednesday for a cookout, and I know we’ll have a great time!


  1. Tolstoy said that happy families are all alike; I've always taken that to mean that it's the families with drama that are truly interesting and who catch our attention. No one ever writes great novels about happy families. For some reason the term pimp slap amuses me. If you like, I can come to town, wait for CH to round a corner, and pimp slap him (No, I don't know exactly what constitutes a pimp slap; I heard it in a movie once).

  2. P.S. Little Women, Amy, Beth, Meg, and Jo. Where's my squirrel?

  3. tell Ken i said a happy happy Father's Day to him....glad you two are home again...every family has drama...i feel for were there for FM and what she may not want to believe is that USUALLY, once a cheater, always a cheater. XO

  4. Glad you went. Glad you had a good time. Glad you're back. DB

  5. I hope FM knows what she's doing!! Gran Torino was GOOD!!! Glad you are home safe!! I know what mayflies are now....
    and YUCK!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow- that post was check-filled with stuff! First, Happy Father's Day to Sheeba's daddy, Bucko aka Ken! Maybe he will catch a mouse for you!
    IMHO FM is crazy to take CH back, but who am I to judge. Someone cheated on me once. They will never od it again, because they are no longer with me! Problem solved!
    I was thinking Little Women, but Sheria beat me to the punch!
    It's always great to travel but it always feels so good to get home!

  7. Glad that you & Ken are back and safe. Am looking forward to some pics :) It sounds so interesting to me! I'm living vicariously thru you two LOL.
    The Cheater, no way, no how ~ never. You are wise in the fact you know it will have to be "not dealing with 'it' period" and I love Ken's protectiveness. Wish C. was as defensive of me. Hugs and Love, Teresa

  8. Many your FM had some confidence evaporate as the pressure built up, or maybe she crazy loves the guy. I'd stay out of her life(to a degree-not meaning in an offended or angry way, just careful distance)now also unless she contacts you-at least for a while; don't get drawn into the middle of: We are staying together, No, we are breaking up, No we are staying together... Unless of course you want to go over there, hit her with a tranquilizer dart and drag her home...~Mary

  9. Makes one wonder why anyone would stay with a CH, I mean, really! I understand forgiveness and moving forward, but this guy sounds like not just a CH, but a major AH (don't think I have to explain that one!) too! CH doesn't have the balls to apologize to your face :) Glad you guys are back home safe and sound!

  10. It is easy to be on the outside and look at what is going on and say something about this. When I saw this, it made me go find a column written by now retired columnist Susan Ager.

    I wish that I had it's date, but all the same, it spoke about how people deal with the issues that assail their married lives. She cited Bill and Hilary Clinton and Kwame and Carlita (aren't those the two musty sounding-est names ever when put together??)

    It talked about how because we got to look at something that is normally private, we the public could make our judgements about something that should have been left to the parties involved.

    But it wasn't. And we saw what was behind the curtain of their 'safe, and stable home'.

    That she is open to resolving this and a reconciliation isn't surprising to me. I gave each one of my sister's one 'get out of jail free' card, because I know that in the end, what anyone does doesn't matter, not as much as what the two people who are at the center does, matter.

    My Army sister has her marriage, and they went through stuff. I had hoped that with my ex and with Mookie, that I was going thru the 'stuff' that would test us and prove us strong. I was wrong about that but hey, can't fault a guy for trying!!

    Just saying that you can't fault or anything someone for wanting to keep their end of the 'death do us part' up. If it means you have to do something like that, that is what it means.

    Hope this made sense, and I hope the best for FM.

  11. Welcome home and glad you had a good time. I am not at all surprised at the news of FM. That is so common, but often they do break up later. Just have to take things a day at a time.

  12. Just once, I wish you would let us know how you feel :o)

    It was a great trip, thanks little travel buddy!


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