Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nutwood meets the Motor City: Worlds Collide!

I took a couple of pictures on the way up, but I'm too lazy to download and edit them tonight, so you'll have to wait!

An uneventful and fairly quick trip up--made it in about three hours. I didn't realize we are that close to Detroit! We're staying in Dearborn, and we're right by Ford headquarters. I sensed a smile on Blacky's grill (Blacky is Ken's Mustang) as we drove by his "birthplace." Who says you can't go home again?

Checked in with Mark and made arrangements for tomorrow--we're both excited about meeting him and I know we're going to have fun tomorrow! The only thing better than Star Trek is experiencing Star Trek with friends. :)

We drove down the road a piece and had dinner at BD Mongolian Barbecue. Ken has eaten at one of these before, but I never had, and I'm ready to start a letter-writing campaign to get one in our neck of the woods! Man, that was some great stuff, and although we don't eat out often, we'd go there once in a while. And yes, we used chopsticks, because that's the way we roll. (Haven't done that for Jamie in quite a while.)

Live long and prosper, my friends!


  1. Yes, the term seems to be spreading. ;) How the hell did you make it in three?! It took us five with my maniac husband driving. If we could make it in three, we'd go up to the zoo for a day. You must share this wisdom. haha

  2. I'm glad that you made it safely! Enjoy your trip! I can't wait to see your pictures!

  3. Hi Beth,
    Was it also the way you Egg Roll?

  4. Uh, I am sitting in the lobby..! Oh, and was that a Powerman 5000 reference in today's title?

  5. Oh, how fun! You guys are setting the record for meeting blog buddies! Ok, well, Marty, now Mark...thats 2 more than I have met!

  6. i go to that mongolian all the time. if you are in dearborn that's where i was born, although raised in MA

    glad y'all are having a good trip! have fun with mark later.

    waving in your general direction....



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