Saturday, August 29, 2009

A day shared with others

I love Rock 'n Roll First of all, the Silver Squirrel Award has multiple winners! The reference I mentioned was "paranoia will destroy ya." Dannelle sent me a video of a band called the Assembly doing a song with that title. Now, that's not what I was referencing, but that is obviously a correct answer, so Dannelle gets her second Silver Squirrel! Dannelle also made me that awesome tag. How cool--and appropriate--is that?! Thanks, Dannelle! Dawn of Carpe Diem weighed in next with the song "Paranoia" by the Kinks. That's not the name of the song, but Dawn gets a Silver Squirrel for knowing that it was the Kinks. Never let it be said that I am unwilling to compromise! Finally, we have Cousin Shane saying that the song is "Destroyer" by the Kinks, off of the "Give the People What They Want" album. Shane gets a Silver Squirrel for knowing the completely correct answer. Some say that the lyrics go "Paranoia, the destroyer," but I've always heard it as "Paranoia will destroy ya." If Ray Davies is reading this, feel free to weigh in, Ray! [grin]

Many of you have seen, via either Ken's blog or Facebook, that today is my birthday. Alaina, Joy, and Miss Ginger also posted entries on their blogs wishing me a happy one. (I hope I didn't forget anyone!) I want to thank everyone who sent their good wishes--it really touched me. I also got several cards from family and friends, one mentioning Cindy Brady (So funny...thank you, my friend!), and one from Shane that made me laugh so says "If you're not going to snort, why even laugh?" He knows me so well...I have, on rare occasion, been known to snort when I laugh. I won't lie and say that I snorted when I read it, but I did laugh really hard!

Thank you2 I thank you all very, very much. {{hugs}}

Ken and I don't do birthday gifts--we'd rather spend the money on things fun for both of us, so I said that the Alice Cooper concert could be my birthday gift--but we popped over to Granite City Brewery this afternoon for some appetizers and cool amber beverages. Thanks, Honey! (He also got me a little carton of Sangria, and a big chocolate bar. Is it any wonder I’m crazy about the guy?)

I've enjoyed my day and the kind thoughts of others, but I have to mention two things that will always stick with me. This morning, we watched Senator Kennedy's funeral Mass, and it was very moving to see the tributes given by family and friends. Ted, Jr.'s remarks were especially touching, as were President Obama's. If you don't like the guy's politics, I don't really care, but at least respect the man for serving his country for decades. He helped many people in his lifetime, and in learning more about the man rather than the legislator, it seems that he was a friend to many and the rock of his family. He made plenty of mistakes in his life, but I believe he faced them and did his best to atone for them in his latter years. Rest in peace, Senator, and thank you.

I will also never forget that it was on my birthday that Katrina hit New Orleans. I remember sitting out on the deck on that hot summer day (unlike today's cool weather), talking with my Mom, who had called to wish me happy birthday. We even talked about the hurricane, and at that time, it looked like New Orleans was weathering it well and everything was going to be okay. It wasn't until the following day that the levees were breached, and the true nightmare began. Here we are four years later, and things still aren't back to normal in New Orleans for many people, and probably never will be again.

I'm grateful for the thoughtfulness and kindness shown me today; I hope everyone will take a moment to remember Senator Kennedy and his family, and all those in New Orleans who are still struggling to find their way.


  1. Ok so I saw your post here and then got on facebook real quick and wished you a HB there and then came now you get one here too. lol

    Happy Birthday! Neat that you do things "together" for your BD's.

  2. Happy Birthday, again! (I also sent greetings via Facebook this morning). Sounds like you don't need many more good wishes, however.... your birthday has already been wonderful!

  3. glad you had some fun- and thanks for sharing! Yes, you got a keeper, Ken really loves you- it shows, as you do him- we can all tell!

  4. For me, Destroyer falls into the same category as Alice Cooper's Apirin Damage. Embarrassing late career efforts from artists who should have known better.

  5. Hi Beth,
    Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you and Ken had a nice day doing things you like ... that's the best way to spend a birthday.

  6. No, unfortunately things aren't better for many in New Orleans and the Gulf area. I'm glad you had a good birthday, and thanks for those reminders. I wish we had more people like you in the world!

  7. i am so glad you and Ken were able to go out and enjoy your special day! There is nothing like being with the one you love on your bday. I did not see much of Ted's funeral but i am glad for the coverage. I did not know your bday was on the day Katrina hit New Orleans! Anderson Cooper did a week long segment on NO on his show. Very interesting stuff to listen to.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sangria, Chocolate & Beer. The things a good birthday is made of :). It is very clear you & the guy are very crazy about each other. That is the best birthday gift.~Mary

  9. Hi Beth,,,sorry to be late with the birthday love..but that's me all over !! (better than saying just kidding though LOL)
    Glad you had a nice day that choc. bar sounds yummmy
    I have known quite a few folks like you have been describing and they are so smug...I do not like smug people...
    I also send my condolences to Senator Kenneday's family...
    Love Sybil xx

  10. Oh gosh I missed your birthday! I'm sooooo sorry but Happy Happy Happy (late) Birthday to you!!! Happy to hear you & Ken had a pleasant lunch.


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