Monday, August 24, 2009

Let’s all go to the lobby!

Let's all go to the lobby Things have been a little tense here lately, what with all my proselytizin' and preachin' about health care, so time to back off and be mellow. For now. It's media day! Books, music, and movies.

It was a quiet day here at Nutwood, as my main goal was to finish my book club book, A Bend in the River. (It's due tomorrow!) I was successful, and I even enjoyed the book. Africa is a troubled continent, experiencing many growing pains and with a long way to go towards development. This book was published 30 years ago, and it seems that progress is at a snail's pace, at best. For me, the main premise of the book was how can you reconcile the past with potential? How can a continent with so many tribal differences put that behind them in order to look to the future, while still holding onto their traditions? I liked this one a lot, although the response from those who posted on our Google group seemed more tepid than mine. I look forward to the next book, Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner. I've read nothing about it, and haven't read any of the other members' takes on it--I like to see what my own impressions are before I read those of others.

I subscribe to the blog feed of The Daily Nightly, from NBC Nightly News. Brian Williams has been on vacation, but he's back. He's a well-known music fan, and he mentioned one of the songs he was loving while he was on vacation at the Jersey shore: "I Am Sound" by the Dandy Warhols! The Dandys are one of my favorites, and although I love "13 Tales from Urban Bohemia," I think "Welcome to the Monkey House" is my favorite, and that's the CD that "I Am Sound" is on. It also has my theme song, "Scientist." Ha! Really, though, how cool that Brian loves the Dandys!

We've been watching quite a few movies lately, and two were a couple of surprisingly decent horror movies. We were expecting B-movies (which are fun in their own right) but were pleasantly surprised at the genuine creep factor of "Shallow Ground," and the remake of an Asian movie, "Shutter." No, neither was spectacular, but both were not bad. I'm not sure why there is a recent interest in remaking Asian horror movies ("The Ring," "The Grudge"), but "Shutter" falls into that category. Horror movies are always better when you turn out all the lights and enjoy the creepiness. I'll admit to a little bit of heebie jeebies when I turned out the lights on my way to bed...but I survived!

Watchmen On Saturday night, we watched "Watchmen." Wow! I loved it! I knew very little about it, and have never read the graphic novel. I had only heard a little about it on NPR, and was intrigued by the premise: an alternate reality, in which Richard Nixon is in his third term, and superheroes are a part of history. Thanks to the superheroes, we won the Vietnam war. I thought it was a blast, but also very dark, like the Christian Bale Batman movies (my favorite Batman movies). These superheroes are very flawed, very emotional, and they get a little freaky in the bedroom. The altered history of this movie is certainly a bleak one. (Remember the image of a young hippie girl placing a daisy in a soldier's rifle barrel? Blam blam blam!) I thought it was unusual and intriguing, and was fascinated by it. I look forward to the second installment!

This is my superhero incarnation, Professor Precise Arrow. Click on the picture on my sidebar if you’d like to “superhero” yourself at the Hero Factory. I haven’t figured out my superpowers yet, but I’m thinking they’re somewhat professorial. [grin]

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  1. The movies have been fun, and there are another 15 on order. I love our evenings together :o)

  2. i went and made my hero! thank you 1000x


  3. Hi Beth,
    I have Watchmen but haven't had the desire to watch it yet. Maybe I'll crack it open this week!

  4. I don't believe there is going to be a second installment of Watchmen. The original graphic novel was a one-off. The story arc is complete.

  5. We agree on 2 more tings Health care and "Watchmen". I hope there will be a second one, but who knows? I hope you and Ken have a god day tomorrow. P&L Wes

  6. I'm going to go back to your Healthcare entries to catch up. And that's going to take a while, I see! lol So this is just a quick hello and a start to catching up with you guys!

  7. I missed 'Watchmen', but on your recommendation I aim to check it out. While Chistian Bale has been a fine Batman, the feeling that Michael Keaton had in the first installment has yet to be topped.

  8. My son and his wife booked me to babysit as soon as they heard when Watchman would be in theaters. They really liked it and had read the graphic novel. The previews looked good.

    I am such a horror movie wimp!

  9. Uh oh! Nothing upon which to comment! I haven't read that book, nor do I know The Dandy Warhols, nor have I seen any of those movies! I guess I'm either too old, too culturally deprived, or too busy. :-) Glad you had a quiet day at home.

  10. I am not familiar with Watchmen but it sounds like a movie I may enjoy. I get a kick out of the cheesy B movies, they are always so predictable. You reviewed a movie about a hotel where someone was murdered and a cop stayed in that room - do you recall the name of that. I have been wanting to see that so bad and cannot find the name.

  11. Read and watched the "Watchman" both were my opinion.


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