Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can I marry a pizza?

Jamie and Beth2 Gino's East pizza

Would orgasmic be a bad word to use?

Jamie and Shawn were already there, and had put us on the list for a table. It's a good thing, because the place was hopping! People sure still seem to be eating out a lot, but of course, this is a Notre Dame home football weekend. (In fact, as we were on our way to our table, I saw Mike Brey, the Notre Dame men's basketball coach. Cool!) We chatted for a while as we waited and got caught up on stuff.

They had eaten there a few times already, and they tried the deep dish the last time they were there and didn't care for it much. Since we hadn't had it yet, we got a small deep dish for us all to share, and a medium thin crust. They agreed that the deep dish was much better this time around, maybe because we got a four cheese one. Oh my God, if I wasn't already making out with this deep dish pizza, we then went on to the thin crust. *swoon* It was all garlicky and gooey, cheesy deliciousness, and if I had my way with it, it certainly didn't seem to mind! In fact, I think I heard it ask me for more, but I’d had my fill and had to say no. The remnants of Mr. Pizza are residing in the fridge (making it all smell like garlic...mmmm) and I don't think I'm quite done with him yet.

Gino's East? Oh yeah, babe.

Oh, and check out the pictures of me and Jamie. I challenged Jamie to wear a Packers shirt, but oh dear! It seems that they were all in the laundry! A likely story, my friend. I think someone just didn't want to face the awesomeness of the Indianapolis Colts! (Yeah, I'm trash-talkin'. I got more of it, too.) At least someone recognized the awesomeness of the Colts. When I was walking back from the bathroom, I heard a guy say "Coooolts" as I walked by. You know it, baby.

Thanks for a fun evening, guys. Always a good time!


  1. Cooooolts! Wooohooo! Beth you are ageless... I bet you still get proofed! lol

    OMG... I want some Chicago deep dish! And, there is none here! Wahhh!

    be well...

  2. I was so worried you guys were going to eat it and HATE it. I'm thinking, we're going out on his birthday and he's going to wish he had stayed home. I'm sooooo glad you both enjoyed it. I <3 pizza something crazy. I can't wait to go to Chicago and try a few new places. Gino's East is definitely our favorite pizza joint at the moment.

  3. drooling over your blog.....

    i am not a pizza fan unless it meets all of the requirements you described above.


  4. I think it's cool that you guys sought out a Chicago-style pizza, whereas on Wednesday when my daughter from Chicago was here visiting, we had to find a New York-style pizza for her because she hates Chicago-style. Just proves that it takes all kinds in this world! It depends on the whims of the pie hole, I guess! :-)

  5. Well, you've done it again! I WANT PIZZA!

  6. Woa that pizza sounds off the hook. Now I want some. Thanks beth.

  7. Could you be any cuter? The answer is, um, let's see... NO!!!! Seriously, you look amazing. Oh, and GO BRONCOS!!!! (Hee Hee)

  8. It was good, not sure I would call it orgasmic, but that is just the way I roll :o)

  9. Sounds like lots of fun and delicious, too! Btw, you look great! Do you have a painting in your attic that ages? You certainly look YOUNG and cute!

  10. Beth, the deep dish sounds like it was delicious. One of my favorites.

  11. Hi Beth,
    You inspired me ... I'm getting Pizza tonight. Too bad there's no Ginos in Santa Monica!

  12. you and your friend are both SO pretty! You look great. Isn't it awesome when you get to eat really good food?! Glad you had a nice time.

  13. I don't even really care much for pizza, but after reading this.... I'm CRAVING ONE, hard to find a GOOD one though!!

  14. You and Jamie look so pretty. Beth, did you retire at age 25?


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