Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cardiac Kids continue

ND football2 That's what a lot of people have been calling the Notre Dame football team, because the last few games have come down to the last seconds, with Notre Dame winning. Saturday's game against Southern Cal came down to literally (and I use that word correctly) the last second, with Notre Dame having a chance to tie it up and send it into overtime. Alas, this time it was not meant to be, and the Irish lost.

However, even when things looked bleakest, the team never gave up. They fought back to bring the game down to the last second. They showed heart and guts, and for a #25 team taking on a #6 team, I think they did pretty damn good. I would have loved to have seen a different outcome, but I can't fault them for not trying or for giving up. You hung in there, guys, and I am proud of you! It was not a blowout as in previous years, and quarterback Jimmy Clausen had a decent enough game that he is still in the running for the Heisman trophy. As Coach Weis said after the game, "Well, anyone who doesn't realize the fight that's in the Fighting Irish is missing the boat."

By the way, my apologies to any of my readers who happen to be Ohio State fans. I may have gloated a little bit over their loss to Purdue yesterday, but it’s nothing personal. As Big Ten fans (Ken went to Illinois) and with two Indiana teams (Indiana U and Purdue) in the Big Ten, Ohio State is a big rival. They’ve also spanked Notre Dame in the past, so I can’t help but feel a little glee when they lose to an Indiana team. I’m sorry if I made anyone feel sad. :(

I have another reason to be proud of Notre Dame. The board of trustees voted to have Father John Jenkins continue as President of the University. I wrote in the spring about Father Jenkins' and Notre Dame's invitation to President Obama to be the commencement speaker. President Obama accepted, which set off a shitstorm of controversy, with hardcore Catholics protesting because of his pro-choice beliefs and policies, and others saying that it was an honor to have the President speak at Notre Dame, and still others, like the bat shit crazy Randall Terry, setting up camp here and resolving to create as much trouble as possible. The speech went off without a hitch, and Father Jenkins also gave a wonderful speech; the senior class elected him Senior Class Fellow in support of him and his decision. At the time, many called for, if not his head, his resignation or firing. Jenkins prevailed, and the board of trustees gave him a great vote of confidence in electing him to another five-year term.

At heart, the issue was about whether Notre Dame would adhere to strict Catholic policies and rhetoric and keep those policies as its sole identity, or include part of its identity as a premier University for education and research. Father Jenkins has been much more liberal than the hierarchy would like, understanding that while Notre Dame can retain its Catholic identity, it also needs to embrace cutting edge technology, education, and inclusiveness. Father Jenkins is still pro-life; but instead of banning the current President because of his beliefs, he welcomed him as a beginning to discussion and dialogue. I supported Father Jenkins then, and I support him now. I'm not a Catholic, and my feelings about the religion are moot. I applaud Father Jenkins for standing up to church hierarchy, saying that it is a good thing to discuss rather than ignore, and I applaud the board of trustees for continuing his tenure as President.


Blushing cat Change of subject. I'm sure you all know how easy it is to misspeak, to really put your foot in your mouth. One of my most memorable was when our friends Kim and Steve were visiting us in 2007. Steve and I were sitting at the table, and I was talking about what I was going to make for dinner that night. I had recently made couscous, and I was just curious whether or not they liked it, so I asked Steve, "Do you guys like couscous?" He said, "Yeah, it's okay." I said, "Well, I'm not making that tonight."


Steve cracked up, and I was left wondering why such a stupid remark came out of my mouth. We had a good laugh about it, and a few months later, I sent Kim and Steve a nicely packaged box with a packet of couscous in it...they said they got another big laugh out of it, so it was all good, and we still chuckle about it. I think it was just a matter of my brain working faster than my mouth. My thought process was perfectly clear to me, but I left out a couple of things that would have provided context for Steve.

Okay, it's easy enough to misspeak...but what about when you're typing? I had another memorable moment recently when chatting online with a friend. We were talking about movies, and I mentioned a couple that it's kind of embarrassing to admit that I like, but I can't help it. (Regular readers will know that they are "Road House" and "Dirty Dancing.") I called them my "dirty pleasure" movies.

I think I even wrote it a couple of times. I was writing and I wrote it more than once. Then I wrote, wait...that doesn't sound right. What is that phrase? He informed me that I meant "guilty pleasure" movies.

And I thought it was embarrassing to admit to liking those movies.

So I can add that to my list of things I'll never live down.


  1. I think you meant "dirty" pleasures.

    Sókay. We all have 'em.

  2. i had a feeling you were a dirty girl! you'd probably want to make out with leonard on sheldon's spot on the sofa, too! ;)

  3. Hi Beth,
    I'm sure you were just thinking about Dirty Dancing and got it mixed up when you were trying to type Guilty Pleasure. No need to feel guilty -- or dirty -- about it!

  4. Shane, I am totally cracking up right now!

    I can see clearly where I stand with you guys. Hmph. :) Perhaps my Freudian slip was showing.

  5. I've always got a dozen things swimming in my head at any given moment. If I rush to make a comment, more often than not I tend to misspeak.
    The thing is with comments, it out there with in cyber space and you don't even realize it half the time. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. as a um grad i am never sad to hear when ohio state loses...

    please join me in a rousing round of the chant 'ohowihateohiostate'!


  7. I've sometimes put my foot in my mouth. It's hard to explain why, other than to say, cuz-cuz it happens! (Horrible, I know.)

  8. Well, I see that Alaina wasn't too down about the Ohio State loss either! I will have to check out what you said about the Buckeyes after this.

    'Brain Lock'. It happens to all of us at one time or another, only I think it happens the more stuff we try to shove into our heads as information comes. I wonder how much useful stuff got moved aside because of the 'Weather Balloon' fiasco? Who knows how many cicuits will now be prone to 'lock ups' like the one Kareem had on 'Jeopardy' recently?

  9. Thanks again Beth, it just seems like I am a people pleaser, and I should know especially on blogs you can not please them all.


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