Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This argument grows tiresome

I have a video for you of that old relic Pat Robertson.

I first saw this on Betty Bowers' (America's Best Christian) Facebook feed, and the amazing Mrs. Bowers astutely pointed out that Pat seems to think that Civil Rights issues are voted on by the populace. If that were the case, what do you want to bet we'd still have segregated schools? And sadly, "sista girl" (as my friend Mark called her) in the video seems to not realize that there is anything wrong with this. Some fun comments over on Facebook (more in a moment), but I wanted to expand a little more on this topic.

Robertson uses that hack line about how gay marriage will destroy traditional Judeo-Christian marriage. I've gone over this before and even had to do a troll smackdown because of it, but I guess Pat's a little slow. Marriage is not a religious institution, it is a civil one. One does not have to be married in a church or by a pastor in order to be legally married, and in fact, unless the marriage license is not filed with the state government, it is not a legal marriage. If you want to be married in a church, have at it. But it isn't official until the government says so. Ken and I were married in a restaurant by the Democratic Party chair of Mishawaka, and guess what? We're legally married. As citizens of this country, gays have every right to be legally married just like we were. I'm amazed that this is still an issue. The argument does not stand.

Gay marriage2 I also still don't get how gay marriage is going to destroy heterosexual marriages. They've never really been able to answer that, and you know why? Because it's bullshit. As if the day after all these fabulous gay weddings, heteros are going to wake up and say, "You know what? This just isn't working." It's the kind of nonsense argument that people like Robertson just throw out there, with a complete lack of logic and rationality or reason behind it. Give it a rest, already.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was feeling sassy (and thanks to those who remembered the Phil Hartman skit about it!), and apparently there are some residual effects, kind of like still being a little drunk at work after a late party the night before. (Not that I've ever done that or anything. Bwah ha ha haaa!) One of the things that Robertson mentioned about gay marriage was "their way of having sex." Now, not to get overly graphic or personal here or anything, but I can think of a couple of ways. (No need for a discussion of variations on the theme, okay?) The thing is, these "ways" happen among lots of heterosexual couples, too. And some of them *gasp* were probably married in a religious ceremony! Shocking, I know. You ought to get out more, Pat. My question to him would be does that also destroy traditional Judeo-Christian marriage?

Here's where the sassy part came in, but it was a classic joke that had to be made, and who am I to buck tradition? (Buck. I said BUCK.) I'd like to ask Pat, "Hey Pat, do blowjobs destroy marriages?" And his answer would be, "Of course not. Marriage destroys blowjobs!" (I found a great graphic for this, but chose not to put it up here. You can see it here.)

Feel free to leave a comment if you are so inclined, but I will not be taking any questions from the press corps. Thank you. ;)


  1. Flowers for MEN! BWAAAAAAH HA HA HA!!!!

    be well... you go sista!

  2. Chuckles love your take on this. Anymore it's the same take different issue with people like Pat Robertson. I swear they have the same answer for every single problem they perceive. (Hugs)Indigo

    Flowers? Now there's an interestign concept.

  3. Hmm, suppose maybe Pat's just jealous?

    Time will take care of Robertson's hate soon enough, much as it took care of Jerry Falwell's. I don't wish for anyone's demise, but as the more poisonous components of PR's generation pass away, gay marriage will become much less of a divisive issue.

    I'm sure that there are many flower jokes to be made, but I'm drawing a blank for now.

  4. I am putting in my "flower" request :o)

  5. Pat Robertson slays me!
    Doesn't he realize that if marriage equality were to happen all across this great land of ours--and it will, mark my words--we gays would not be destroying marriage.
    Our plates are too full causing global warming and the economic crisis and sending hurricanes to New Orleans to worry about Opposite Sex Marriage.

    Lordy, must we do everything?

  6. Unfortunately, Beth, Maine is ALSO voting to discriminate against same-sex marriage via the Proposition system (Prop. 1) - and it looks like it might have a chance of passing, too ( ).

  7. I'm betting Robertson has never received ... flowers. Poor, confused guy.

  8. Beth, Beth, Beth.....I sooo love you, girlie!

  9. Hey there, Sassy! All the speculation as to whether Roberston has ever received "flowers" is tossing me to the floor in a spasm of mirth! On the other hand, I sure wish we could get this gay marriage thing over with so we can get on to more vital things. The gay married couples who are my friends are no different from any other married couples in their devotion to each other and commitment to their marriages. Robertson et al, PLEASE leave human beings alone to love one another!

  10. Creep just does not understand human beings, I for one have one objection to either lesbians or gay guys, and that is I don't think either of one party should marry and put on a convincing act for 3 years that she is madly in love with a relative of mine, close relative just because she wanted a child and her married life and her single gay life at the same time. Or visa versa.

  11. Flowers for men ..? That is pretty clever.

    Small things like the fact marriage isn't something that needs a church endorsement is one of the reasons that I am sensitive to the encroachment of religion into the lives of men. To me, it is the same as any other doctrine or idealology that targets and tries to destroy another.

    I am wondering why instead of making stronger families and reinforcing the things that make for good families within their following, cats like Pat would waste time picking on gay marriage. Could it be that there are faults in their institution and one of the best ways to distract eyes from them is to lash out and wage a battle that knows no end?

    Sounds like a social crusade ... similiar to the wars that are waging all over the world. The only continent without war is Antartica. Isn't that a sign of the Apocalypse?

    But I REALLY know what's really going on, Pat. I know it's the queers. They're in it with the aliens. They're building landing strips for gay
    Martians. I swear to God.

    See, I don't mind Pat ... he isn't like most of the people here, in the trailer park.

  12. Kyle LOVES sassy Beth! LOL

    What a way to start my lunch! I think they embalmed "relic Pat" in the early nineties and he has been stuck using the the same prerecorded rhetoric since that time.

  13. With so many str8 celebs and politicians giving marriage a black eye and the occasional rabbit punch, why would we waste our time tearing that down? Honey, if we are tackling anything, it would be some of those tacky-arsed buildings PR and his ilk have foisted on the public, as well as the poor production values of those pathetic excuses for TV shows. I mean, pulll-leeaaze, Mary, those shows need more sequins and musical numbers!

  14. I am stepping lightly here because Pat and my mum are friends.
    I agree on this point: Judeo-Christian values stand or fall, not from outside, but from within. Too many of those who claim these values, really make a mockery of that which many of us hold dear. So many "family values" folk have been charged in the very acts they condmen. As the Talmud says, "we need to pu our home in order before we order the world."


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