Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I’m in love with my car


I was draggin' ass this morning, but it was my own fault for staying up so late. I was listening to music and deciding what to upload, and before I knew it, it was 3:30. Ouch man.

I had several errands to run today, so I headed out before too long, and man, was it ever a great day for a drive! Sunny, warm enough to put the window down, and the Dandy Warhols blasting. I did plenty of seat-dancing and singing along, and I'm sure I looked quite silly. I didn't care. If anyone didn't like my seat-dancing, they can just bite me! My drive had a strange effect on me...it made me feel sassy. In fact, I felt like I had stepped in a big pile of sassy. It could easily have turned to aggression, because people were driving like dicks, but I kept the level in the sassy zone. I love my car. How can I not love something that makes me feel so completely and utterly sassy? (This could very well be a private joke between Cousin Shane and I, unless someone else remembers that SNL skit!) Slick takes me where I want to go, when I ask him to he responds, and he's got that throaty growl that I so adore. Saddle up!

Tell 'em how I feel about it, Roger!


  1. Living in a material world. And I am a material girl. You know that we are living in a material world. And I am a material girl ... :o)

    Great song, I was not familiar with that one.

  2. I have a Ford Focus, can I say my car is the stepbrother or second cousin to the Mustang?..lol

  3. The weather was freaky warm here in NY today. Inside the house I'm cold though. Leave it to me I'm probably coming down with something.

    I used to seat dance all the time. Still do on occasion, gets Paul in the mood and we look like a couple of escapees from the asylum. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Good God, they were AMAZING!!! Long live Queen. And Roger Taylor? SMOKING!!!

  5. I remember that skit: Phil Hartman said "sassy!" about a billion times in three minutes. I think Christian Slater was in it too.

    And I love that song! A Night at the Opera was the very first album I ever bought. That's the third song I think? "string back gloves/in my automo-love!"

  6. the ford focus is like the bastard child of the mustang and a festiva.

    but then again there's a honda i'm fonda!


  7. i must say i love my minivan but i love anything that runs every time you turn the key that has lights, turn signals, heat, AC and a working radio. I think it is cool you love your car.

  8. I would feel 'sassy' if I was behind the wheel of a sharp Mustang like that too!!

    I thought you were referencing a Molly Shannon skit ... Phil Hartman did a superior Bill Clinton to Darrell Hammonds, in my mind.

    Yeah, everyone remembers Darrell's, but I am not being contrarian for the sake of being contrary. I still think of Phil as Pres. Clinton ...

  9. I LOVE Phil Hartman.. may he rest in peace! Your car is SASSY!

    be well...

  10. I know how you feel, I drive a camry, but hey... IT'S RED!! LOL!!! JK!! Love your car, you SHOULD get attitude driving it!!!

  11. I know how you feel...when I am in my beemer with the top down....wooo-hoo, sassy it is!!! I kick in the "sport" button and off we go. Sweet wheels you have Beth!

  12. Beth you do have one hot sassy car there. Lucky you enjoy the ride.


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