Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why yes, I AM ready to rock

Health insurance companies Before I get to the fun stuff, a little bit about health care reform.

All right, I heard those groans. I won't keep you past the bell, I promise, but I think this is something worth noting. This is from an article on Politics Daily, and it concerns the report released by the health insurance industry (a report paid for by a health insurance trade group) stating that a health care reform bill would raise the costs of everyone's premiums.

After the health insurance industry released a report Monday attacking Democrats' plans for health reform, it appears that the insurance lobby and the White House have abandoned all hope of working together on the issue, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. The White House had spent months courting the industry for input on reform, but the report and the ensuing battle of rhetoric suggests that insurers have become the administration's chief enemy in the health care battle.

The health insurance lobby was a key player in defeating reform 15 years ago under President Clinton. Obama had hoped to avoid a similar showdown by inviting various industry groups -- hospitals, drug makers and insurers -- to participate in the negotiations. But after the critical report funded by America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) hit Washington earlier this week, the gloves came off.

"The insurance industry has decided to lead the charge against health reform, and everyone recognizes their motives: profits," White House deputy communications director Dan Pfeiffer said. "We are going to make sure they can't sink this effort at the last minute."

Insurers, meanwhile, responded with one of the oldest tactics in the book: spreading concern among senior citizens that they will lose their current benefits. AHIP launched a multi-state ad campaign warning seniors that Democratic legislation would take away benefits they receive from private Medicare accounts.

It seems abundantly clear to me that health insurance companies are opposing this so vehemently for one reason and one reason only: it will cut into their obscene profits.

I'm not talking about hospitals or doctors or people who actually deliver the health care. This is about insurance companies who dictate whether you will or will not get treatment, and tell you whether they will or will not pay for it. For anyone who thinks that the insurance companies are motivated by concern for patients and helping them get the care they need, I have to wonder (as Mark said in a comment), "Are you HIGH?" If you are unable to get beyond the mistaken belief that this is going to lead to "socialized medicine," if you are incapable of feeling compassion for others who might not be in as good a position as you when it comes to being able to afford health care, if you can turn a blind eye to your fellow citizens who are suffering and yes, dying because they cannot get insurance because of a pre-existing condition, if you are so rock stupid that you can't comprehend that there may come a day when you won't be able to afford insurance or you get deathly ill and max out your coverage or you have to declare bankruptcy because you can't pay your medical bills...even if you are unable to grasp any of these simple concepts, perhaps you can understand cold, hard cash. That is exactly what the insurance companies are concerned about: getting yours and keeping theirs. Let their opposition to a health care reform bill be a clue to you. They don't want this because it will cut into their profits, and they obtain those profits from you. Don't let them keep doing this to the American people.

[stepping down one level on my soapbox]

Rinnnggggg! See? I timed that perfectly.

Rock Band Now for the fun stuff! When I went out to get the mail today, there was a huge box sitting on the steps. The new Rock Band's here! The new Rock Band's here! A little while later (while I was putting everything together, in fact), the UPS guy came by with the mike stand. So the instruments are all set up and ready to go, now we're just waiting for the Wii itself, the other software, and the other guitar. I swear, we must have an Amazon distribution center around here, because when did I order this stuff? Monday evening? That was fast.

Yes, that is a curio cabinet full of penguins. Why do you ask?

I talked to Ken's Mom today, and Ken had mentioned to her that maybe we'll have his stepbrother and his wife over when they're here for Thanksgiving, and play some Rock Band. Ken's Mom said, "Heck with that—I might want to play, too!" Now that would be a sight to see!

One thing I've heard about this is that it's brought some classic rock to a whole new group of kids who have never heard a lot of it before. Hard to argue with that. I'd like to know where the Kinks are, though! I'm sure there are all kinds of licensing agreements that have to be dealt with, so not every band or song I love is going to be included. On the next edition, I want to see "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?" Make it happen!

Oh, and thanks Lisa, for telling me how much you love it. Hearing that a fellow rock chick has so much fun with it tells me that I'll enjoy it, too. I can't say I'll get into "Talk Dirty To Me" as much as you did, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting into some Blondie and Devo. Haha! Hey, I feel an uncontrollable urge for a little Devo right now. (And yes, this song is on the game. Yay!)


  1. I think I have helped create a monster, forgive me Bloggers :o)

  2. This new information was based on a study performed by Price Waterhouse, who was hired by the insurance lobbyist. This study looked at the cost, without any attention being payed to the cost savings within the bill. The overall result was so inaccurate, that the accountants who participated in the study distanced themselves, and explained just that. To look at this for what it really is, is to know that the insurance companies are basically saying, pass this bill and we raise your premiums!

  3. Obama needs to send Rahm out to start busting some kneecaps. At least they'll be covered by their own insurance company. Until they go to renew and find that they now have a pre-existing condition.

    As for DEVO, "The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize" is my favourite track. Always wanted to do a cover of that with a band.

  4. Hi Beth,
    You're absolutely right about the health insurance companies. I wasn't so sure about the need for the public option before, but now -- since the health insurers have just released a study saying they'll raise rates regardless of efforts at reform -- I think we need it, afterall. They need some healthy competition.

  5. I recently read an article by a self-employed writer. She was discussing health insurance from her very real perspective. In a move from DC to Massachusetts, her premium for health care almost doubled (Mass has a lot of the health care reforms in place that GOV is looking to do nationwide.) After being a strong supporter of Health care reform for years (and through many presidencies), she was shocked to discover how truly expensive MA's "healthcare for everyone" is.
    She thinks that "they" need to look closely at MA's situation and figure out what works, what doesn't and take their time creating a healthplan reform that doesn't make things worse. I agree.

  6. Did you happen to see that the AHIP report also stated that rates would go up 79 percent over the next 10 years if no reform passes (as opposed to 32 percent over 10 years if the Senate Finance Committee version of the bill passes). As Timothy Noah on pointed out "Drawing attention to this doesn't seem like a terribly bright thing for the health insurance lobby to do."

  7. Whenever I order anything from Amazon it gets here lightning fast so you may be right. (as in I'll order something Monday morning and the guy brings it Tuesday afternoon) Have fun! And if you get Ken's mom to play, you MUST take photos. That would be so awesome to see.

  8. Beth when we order from Amazon here in the UK they deliver the very next day ~ wonderful service World Wide by the sounds of it ~
    Ally x

  9. You have been on quite a roll with the health care debate. It saddens me to watch so many herded into the insurance lobby's pen. It reminds me of the panic that led to going to war in Iraq. Instead of 'support the war or the terrorists win', we are told that if want health care reform, we are communists.

    I don't think that the industry is going to go broke. There is always a way for the choking out of a few more dollars. What has me tensed up is the bonus being paid on Wall Street lately. Cats getting BILLONS, with a 'b' for a bonus and living in castles ... UGH!!

    Sometimes I wonder why don't the militias and seperatist cats like Todd Palin come to the conclusion that it isn't about other people in the same socio-economic boat, but the gated community cats ... targeting them and making them own up to their greed, you know?

    That would be a sight to see Ken's Mom rocking out!! In fact, sounds like something you'd post on You Tube!!

  10. I agree with all on health care. As long as you are in Indiana and I am in Nebraska have fun with the rock band,I truly am not a fuddy duddy. Just years of not music but banging on a drum and someone blowing into a horn with their alcoholic mom sitting downstairs yelling "louder You fing kids"

  11. I love it. I love it. Loud and Clear. Enjoy your music. You have a wonderful voice.

  12. i love The Kinks.

    we are having open enrollment at my job. It seems to be written in German because the whole "pick your insurance" plan is going way over my head. EVERYTHING has went up this year SO much more than ever before. I am clueless on what plan to pick but i can honestly say for the first time in almost 15 yrs, being able to COMFORTABLY afford health care thru my employer may be too expensive for a family of four, like me. SUCKS.


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