Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bark like a dog!

Bark Like A Dog From our local paper today:

Woman wakes, sees man on floor

LAPORTE - A LaPorte woman looked down from her bed early Friday to find a stranger on his hands and knees.

Her husband grabbed the man, who broke loose and was last seen running out the front door of the condominium next to Pine Lake. According to LaPorte police, the man was described as white and in his late teens or early 20s. The man was further described as 5-foot-7 and slender.

He was wearing shorts and a black leather jacket that made noises whenever the intruder moved.

I'm not sure why this cracked me up so much...maybe it's because it's just so bizarre. Here's this guy, walking around in a black leather jacket (apparently a noisy one) and shorts, and he decides he's going to break into someone's house and hang out by the bed like a dog waiting for a bone? I'd sure like to know the thought process there. It's not nearly as good as the story I mentioned some time ago, about the guy on his riding lawnmower wearing nothing but a dog collar and sandals, but it's still a fun one.


Our trip to Michigan this morning was a bust, because the meat place hadn't cut up our side of beef since they didn't have room in their freezer. I would have liked to stay in bed a little longer, but nooo, had to get up to go pick up our meat that wasn't even ready!


ND football About twenty minutes until the kickoff of the Notre Dame-Southern Cal game. I hear that they hate being called Southern Cal, and want to be known as USC. That means they will always be Southern Cal to me. Go Irish! I'm nervous before the game, as always. It makes me so antsy, I can't sit still and watch the game full time. I have to walk around, putter on the computer, whatever, anything to get rid of some nervous energy. You really wouldn't like watching a game with me.

Oh my God, I just heard that Purdue upset Ohio State. And there was much celebrating at Nutwood! Huzzah!


I got a surprise phone call today from fellow blogger DB of Vagabond Journeys! I had noticed that he, a daily blogger, had missed a couple of days, and sent him an email yesterday. When I got no response, I sent an email to a mutual friend. We hadn't exchanged phone numbers, but we've exchanged Christmas and birthday cards, so he must have looked us up in the book. What a pleasant surprise! I was very relieved to hear that he is okay, just having some computer difficulties, and he hopes to be back online by the middle of the week. We had a nice chat, and I had to tell him that he has a marvelous voice, very fitting for a retired actor and radio guy!

Perhaps more later!


  1. It was disappointing about the beef, but made up for by talking with DB.

  2. Watching the USC/ND game. Should be good.

    The first story reminds me of Eric Himan's lyrics for Heart/Clean - 'Don't give a dog a bone and not expect him to spend the night at your knees.' Don't know why, but it makes me smile.

  3. I remember him on the soaps way back when... his voice is so rich...

    be well...

  4. Hi Beth,
    Yikes ... imagine finding an intruder like that in your home. The guy sounds like he has a few screws loose ... maybe that's what was making the noice whenever he moved.

  5. That kind of stuff never happens to me. Some girls have all the luck! :)

  6. Uh huh....blame the questionable noises on the leather jacket.

  7. I caught the end of the ND came. Eww.. sorry!

    Love the story of the intruder, particularly the squeaky leather jacket. Clearly, he's an amateur!

  8. Thank you for the update on DB as I was really worried about what was going on with him. Glad to hear he is alright, even if his computer isn't. I appreciate your efforts to find out about him.

  9. I can't quite wrap my brain around a sorts clad , leather Jacket that is noisy person robbing anyone. To funny.

  10. I wonder why they want to be called USC?? What is the difference?? Out here USC mean Univ. of South Carolina.

    You know, I heard about the Buckeyes being close to a record for consecutive conference road wins before the Spoilermaker game. And it seems they held true to that nickname, in beating Ohio State!

  11. Beth, I looked up DB after you and Ken spoke of his blog. I added him to my list. He seems like a fascinating character and he has a smooth storytelling style I love.


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