Friday, October 16, 2009

Would I lie to you, honey?

(Think Eurythmics.)

I told you I liked Rahm Emanuel. Based on comments, quite a few other people do, too, so I thought I'd profess my "heart" for Rahm for all to see, in case you didn't believe me. I haven't had a chance to wear this yet. Maybe I'll wear it over to my sister's next time we go over there. I'm sure my brother-in-law (a dyed-in-the-wool conservative) would just love it. What do you think, Jen? Will your Dad kick me out of the house? Haha!

And have I mentioned lately what a good sport Ken is? I'm lucky that he puts up with me.

I also hope this picture works, but I think it will. Instead of uploading from my computer, I uploaded using the URL from my Picasa page. I think you can actually click on the picture to embiggen. And yes, I wish I could do that in real life. Ha!


Could someone explain to me why this Balloon Brat is still news? If I hear one more story about this...well, there is sure to be more on the news tonight, so I'd better not commit to vomiting or anything. I don't get it. If the kid is safe, why the big deal? It was the main story on all the political shows last night...what the hell? Even Arianna Huffington, on "The Ed Show," was like, "Why are you asking me about this?" While I'm at it, I don't give a rat's ass about Jon and Kate. These dumbasses have a litter of kids and then exploit them on TV, then exploit their own divorce, and I'm supposed to care about these losers? I don't.


This will be a short entry, because I'm going to try hooking up the Wii. It seems fairly straight-forward, and I'm not hooking it into the stereo system, so I think I can do it. If not, I have Kengineer to fall back on.

Before I tackle that, though, I want to say that I just love meeting people on here with whom I am simpatico. I had a really fun chat on Facebook last night with a new Facebook friend, and I think it's just the coolest thing to be able to do that. As Bob remarked in a comment, this is a way to connect with others and realize that no matter who, what, and where they are, we're all alike in many ways, and we usually find we have something in common. I've met a lot of neat people on here, and I especially love it when I find out we share the same warped sense of humor. That makes me as happy as a little girl!


  1. The only thing I want to know about the balloon kid at this point is who will be footing the bill for the search.

  2. I agree w/Kailyn. Also, nice shirt. ;-))

  3. You need to order one that says you heart "Bucko".

    Looking forward to experimenting with the Wii.

  4. honey, you look damn good in that shirt!!!!! XO

  5. Love the shirt coming from a rep. :)
    he balloon brat is still a story bcuz it's a slow news day. Apparently reporting on the debt, Afghan, the health care reform is becoming boring 4 journalists.

  6. Yeah, I'm ready for Jon and Kate to fade away as well. Enjoy the weekend and the Wii.

  7. I'm with Kailyn... and I hate Jon & Kate!! Have fun with the Wii!!

  8. Now if I could just float away with Rahm Emanuel in a gigantic helium-filled Mylar balloon... THAT'S my kind of reality show!

  9. Sweetie, you said it all for me.........Jon & Kate.....the brat with the balloon.

    Ridiculous waste of Airtime on TV.

    Love your shirt!

  10. If Balloon Boy's family gets a reality show (which is being bandied about), the first episode needs to feature daddy being sent up in that mushroom ship near Myrtle Beach with a STRONG easterly wind.
    End of show!!!!!

    BTW, nice shirt!


  11. Beth, Jon and Kate and the "Balloon Brat" make me so happy we don't have all that TV nonsense piping into the house.

    In the two months I've been blogging I've met so many wonderful people and think it is the best way to communicate in an asynchronous way. I feel like a kid in a candy store most of the time.

    Have fun on the Wii!

  12. You are wearing that shirt girlfriend! You should send it to Rahm.

    I'm with you on balloon boy, and Jon and Kate. I do feel sorry for the children involved in both families. They deserve a sane childhood instead of fame hungry parents.

  13. I couldn't agree with you more about the balloon brat (great name btw). I thought it was bogus as soon as I heard about it. AND....Jon & Kate??? Who really gives a fig, I can't believe how bored people must be to follow those losers.
    They used to live fairly close to us - people around here say she is just tooooooo much.


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