Monday, April 30, 2012

My brain hurts!

Sleeping on a bookOh man...I have a book review to do, but I can’t do it justice tonight. I’ve been reading like a madwoman all afternoon and evening as I finished up Summer for the Gods. I wanted to finish it, because Stephen King’s latest should be here any day now, and I also want to read the big Rolling Stone interview with President Obama. I got my copy on Saturday and am looking forward to it.

Anyway, Summer for the Gods was a bit of a slog. Not because it was uninteresting, but because it was a heavy subject and chock full of information and detail. I even took notes on it, because it really is a remarkable book. I’ll be doing a full write-up, probably tomorrow (which means that the food entry will be delayed).

In the meantime, my brain really is exhausted. I’ve been enjoying an earlier bedtime lately, with an earlier start to the day, and I feel like I’m going to really crash tonight. Come to think of it, my body is pretty exhausted, too, because I really pushed myself in my workout today. I’m surprised I’m still up and writi--zzzzzzzzzz

Heehee! Bis morgen, y’all!

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