Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Outside time and MOAs

Flowering cherryIt was a warm and very humid day today, and after an extremely sweat-inducing workout (not a bad thing!), I headed out on the deck to clean off what I call Paddy O’Furniture.

That was a workout in itself, because the pretty Kwanzan cherry tree that I love so much took a total dump on the table and chairs. All those lovely little pink petals added up to a gooey mess that got rained on and then baked on the glass table by the sun. I took my scraper out and got the worst of it off; then took a scrub brush to it and got almost all of it off; then Windex and a paper towel to finish it off. The chairs I sprayed with cleaner and scrubbed, and I left them out from under the eaves in the hopes that we’ll get a little bit of rain tonight and all the extra cleaner will be rinsed off. So Beth and Ken’s Bar & Grill is open for business! Who wants to come by to sit a spell and chat with me?

It was getting a little more overcast by then, but not completely, so I decided to take the new Stephen King book (just got it today!) out and read a bit while I caught some muted rays. It was still nice and warm, but with a breeze that felt really good. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, close to 90°, and I look forward to a little more time out there before the rain moves back in. It would be a great time to plant some flowers, but I’m not going to plant anything until we get back from our Route 66 trip, so our kitty caregivers don’t have to worry about watering anything.

ArmAs for the MOAs (no, that’s not Moais), I’ve been trying to work on my Michelle Obama Arms. I had to lay off for a while because of wrist and elbow issues, but I’m trying to do light weights to tone. I’ve been fairly happy with the results, although I still want to get more defined. Yes, I actually flexed and took a picture in the mirror, which I’m somewhat embarrassed about, but this is about the only time you’ll see me do this (at least until I get MORE defined!). I don’t want to bulk up, but I like a little definition, and our First Lady is an inspiration to all of us who want shapely and well-defined arms. I’m trying to keep working my arms without hurting my wrists and left elbow, and I think I’ve found a way to do that. So here are my wanna-be Michelle Obama Arms...or at least one of them!

**One little joke here. Most of you won’t get this, but a few will. Some of you know that Sheeba “talks” to us. It usually sounds like Ken, or sometimes me. Well, after Ken got back from his most recent trip, we were all snuggled up on the couch, with Sheeba in between us, and Sheeba said, “Hey Dad? When you left on your trip, Mom thought that you’d abandoned us and left us destitute. So she started selling off my cat toys and her penguins in order to put food on the table for us.” I snorted! I will explain further...soon!

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  1. Sure wish we could figure out the elbow thing, mine is less painful now as well.


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