Thursday, May 3, 2012

Steam heat

Paddy O'FurnitureI was looking forward to the warm weather of the past couple of days, but got a little more than I bargained for today! Whew, it wasn’t just warm, it was seriously humid.

I got my running around done before noon, but I was already starting to get heated. Then I got home and did my workout, just an hour on the bike this time...even so, I was sweating like crazy. Then it was outside for sunning and reading, and I managed 45 minutes before I got too warm. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing stuff inside, walking around in my bikini because it was really just freakin’ hot!

But as much as I complain about the heat and humidity, I love it, too. This is my time of year, and as long as I can walk around in as few clothes as possible and appropriate (depending on location), I’m happy! (We don’t have central air if you’re wondering about that.)

My family got some bad news yesterday, with a dear family member passing away unexpectedly. It’s been a rough couple of years in that regard, and my main goal is to just help provide support and help the immediate family in whatever way I can. I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t bring back some sad thoughts and bad flashbacks, but I took some time today to just sit outside later on and read. It’s getting nice and green at Nutwood, and most of the summer birds are back (still waiting on the orioles and the hummingbirds), so it was a pleasure and very calming to sit in the shade, read, watch the birds, and just try to find my happy place.

I found it, but it was here all along.


  1. Loved having the top down on my car a few times this week.

  2. My sympathies on losing your family member. I lost an aunt last week, and have so many around me with serious illness. And it's a bad, flashback time of year for me as well, so I really do feel for you.


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