Sunday, July 1, 2012

A bazillion thanks

Thank you3Thanks to everyone for the kind comments here, in messages, and on Facebook. It means more to both of us than you can ever imagine. The support we received from those who knew more about it has kept us going, made us smile and laugh, and just generally made a HUGE difference. Although we are both positive people, there were times when even we got discouraged and disgusted, and that support was much needed. The positive comments we’ve received on this has encouraged us once again. Thank you so much!

A couple of comments made me think about something else I didn’t mention in yesterday’s entry...but then it ended up being long enough as it was! Ken and I have discussed that part of the reason for her anger towards us is that she was unable to manipulate us the way she does so many others. Her modus operandi seems to be manipulating through intimidation and sheer nastiness. Ken and I refused to be intimidated, and we pushed back against the most egregious of her claims. I’m sure it made her angry to not get the desired response from us, and that made her step up her attacks.

On a lighter note, I can tell you that her rather tortuous way of writing has left a few of us with some phrases that we still laugh about. I won’t divulge any of them other than the one I mentioned yesterday: bench chemist. Again, I really have no idea what that is (although I like Mark’s suggestion of T-shirts that say “Bench Chemists for Beth! 2012!”), but we substitute other words in there depending on the situation. One of my favorites was when we were at Andy’s graduation from Cal Tech, and Jen commented, “Bench graduates.” [laughing]

We had a nice visit today with my Mom (her knee is doing much better!), and it turned out that my sisters were there, too! Mom made us lunch (of course), and we all got caught up on stuff. They were interested in hearing a bit about our Route 66 trip, so we talked some about that. Diana seems interested in doing some of Route 66, as does our nephew Michael. I will have to discuss this with them more! Maybe I’ve made a couple more converts...? I hope so!


  1. Beth,
    The term "bench chemist" is really an industrial term. The couple of bench chemists that I knew worked for Pepsi.Basically,they executed (or attempted to execute) ideas from management. Like flavor ideas and concepts.

  2. It has been amazing the support, we are so thankful.

  3. How could we not support you both, Ken? You two are two of the kindest, most genuine, fun and enlightened people I know. Hugs to you both!

  4. Glad that you guys have outlasted her rantings and stand stronger for it. Kudos!!

  5. The best thing about blogging is that somehow you will find genuinely honest people who cares about you even if they are half-way around the world and a total stranger to you.

    Ed Butowsky


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