Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lunch and a movie

Statue of Liberty fireworksFirst of all, Happy Birthday, sweet country o’ mine! I hope you have all had a happy (and cool!) time with family, friends, or just with your bad self. Although we had an invite to a small get-together at my sister’s pad this evening, Ken and I decided to do our own thing today. We had already made plans to do a movie, and since Ken has to get up at the usual time tomorrow morning, we thought we would just have a low-key day today. I’m glad we’s too damn hot to socialize today! haha I don’t mean to harp on the weather, but it really is beastly hot at the moment. It’s kind of odd, because when we were traveling through the Mojave Desert, I felt fine up until the heat and dehydration hit me like a sledgehammer. The humidity here makes me feel lethargic from the get-go!

We both managed to get our workouts in this morning, but believe me, it was a sweat fest! With the recent storms, I need to get out into the yard and pick up a bunch of sticks before Ken mows this weekend, so I might try to do that fairly early and that will be my workout tomorrow. I think I might as well just put on a bathing suit before I even start!

After a quick and decent lunch at BW3, we headed over for our movie. We had decided to see “Ted,” and it was a fun choice! We both loved the unedited trailer for it, and although we don’t see that many comedies at the theater, we both wanted to see this one. I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud that many times at the theater! Seth MacFarlane is a genius, and Mark Wahlberg let his Ted and Mark WahlbergBahstan freak flag fly. He was adorable, and so was Mila Kunis. “Ted” was nasty and lovable at the same time. Giovanni Ribisi has a small but cringe-inducing role (“I think we’re alone now....”). If you are easily offended, this movie is not for you. There are some truly vile jokes, although if you’ve ever seen “Family Guy,” your loins will be girded for them. MacFarlane holds nothing sacred, so be warned.

There were plenty of pop culture references, which is always fun in a movie. The biggest one was probably the one involving “Flash Gordon” (the movie). This was a surprisingly good movie, with some really wicked humor and a pretty damn sweet love story. (More than one love story, actually...Patrick Warburton has a brief but memorable role.) I have no idea why there were some younger kids in the audience...really, people? This is not a movie for the young or the timid, but we laughed a lot at it, and we weren’t the only ones laughing in the theater. After a great trailer, I was prepared to be disappointed—don’t you hate it when they put all the good gags in the trailer? That wasn’t the case here. Plenty of fun stuff, and I look forward to getting the DVD so we can watch it again eventually. If you want a little summer “getaway” and you can handle plenty of foul language and adult situations, this is a really fun way to spend a couple of hours. I recommend it!


  1. It was a blast all the way around!

  2. Happy 4th to you both! After I went to the grocery, I burnt the shit out of some ghee, made dry pulled pork, and reorganized a kitchen cabinet. Cue the fireworks for my festive 4th!!

  3. happy 4th! we did work in the basement, watched the hail and then the neighbors had a lot of fireworks, then it was wii bowling


  4. Maybe it was the teddy-bear aspect that made parents think that it would be okay for kids!! KT and I saw it together and I felt that feeling that a parent gets when they are uncomfortable watching a film or listening to a song with their teenager. But that is what made it even funnier for me!!

    The ending sort of let me down. I think that they could have tightened that part of the story up better. Still, I felt that it was a good time and a good time had by all!!


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