Monday, July 2, 2012

O the humidity!

Vintage summer heatI wish I could say that Ken and I looked this cool, calm, and collected. He fared better than I did, since he was in the air-conditioned office, but after a full day of 95° and high humidity, I was ready for him to bring up the living room air conditioner from the basement. Thanks, honey!

I love having the windows open and love the fresh air. Heck, I even love the heat! But once it passes 90° and the humidity cranks up, that’s when it starts getting to me. I can handle it for a couple of days, but this looks like it’s going to last through Saturday. At first, when Ken offered to bring the AC up, I said, “Nah, I think I’ll be okay.” Then I folded a load of laundry and said, “Okay. Let’s bring it up.” haha I’d reached my limit, and it’s starting to cool off in here. Ahhhh!

I really feel for those people who are still without power in this sort of heat. It’s pretty bad. I could really feel it the past couple of mornings with my wheeziness (my own fault for smoking for so many happy we both quit!), so anyone with respiratory problems needs to be super careful. This really is the kind of heat that’s dangerous for a lot of people, and I hope they get the power on for folks on the east coast soon. Stay cool!

I’m looking forward to lunch with my pal Jim tomorrow. It’s been a while since we got together, so I can hardly wait to catch up with him! Afterwards, I think I’m going to go get another earhole, a third one in my left ear. I currently have two in my left and one in my right. Since I’ve been able to start wearing earrings again after a few years of hiatus (some sort of weird sensitivity), I’ve really liked wearing them again and even making some of my own. I told Jim he could split the piercing with me and get another earhole if he wants one, but he says if we’re going to do piercings, he wants a barbell in his face. HA!


  1. That is SO weird to me!! I can't even FATHOM that you put the air conditioner away, much less that you don't "bring it back up" until almost JULY!!! I don't get it- when I was in New York for Memorial Day it was SO hot!! Not everyone has central air here, but if they have window units, they put them in when they buy them and never take them out! I wonder how low my electric bill would be if I weren't running 2 central units most of the time?! I love Texas but the weather here sucks!

  2. Ms.Ginger, we do not have central air, and there are usually only a few weeks where the weather makes us run the floor units we keep in the basement.

    This entry makes me wonder if I should get my left re-pierced again?

    1. NO!! There IS not enough reasons to wonder why you should as there are enough valid reasons why you should not!!


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