Saturday, July 7, 2012

HFPT™ and a Zombie lunch

Beth, Shane3Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, and it may very well have been the hottest one since 1988. I know we set a record for the day with 102°, although I don’t know if that’s the hottest it’s been around here since ‘88. Anyway, it was a perfect day for Happy Fun Pool Time™ over at Shane and Matt’s.

Shane had an early start to the day, having to be at work at some beastly hour like 4:30 am, so he was home around 12:30. I got over there around 1:30, and we chatted a bit before we hopped in the pool. Ken was able to cut out of work a little early and got there around 3:30, and Matt got home from work at maybe 4:30. Poor Shane was really tired, but we managed to keep him from falling asleep in the pool! It was a very low-key afternoon spent chatting, listening to some poolside music, and enjoying the water. It felt incredibly good on such a hot day, and we appreciated the hospitality very much! (I didn’t get any pictures yesterday—this is one from last summer.)

We cleared out before 6 pm, so that Shane could get some dinner and hit the hay for another early start this morning. We got home, and I knew immediately that I was going to need a nap. The heat and sun just drained me! We found out later that Shane was so exhausted that he fell asleep on the family room floor...just passed out for about three hours! It’s really amazing what this heat and humidity does to your body, and how it can exhaust you. Sadly, I’ve read that this heat wave has resulted in about 45 deaths across the country so far. The cooler temperatures are starting to move in now, and it’s going to be a wonderful relief.

Today was another hot one—99° maybe—but we ventured out, anyway, to take Ken’s Mom to lunch. We headed down to the metropolis of La Paz (Please pronounce it with a flat a, not La Pahz—this is Indiana, not Bolivia!) to Pat’s Bar. I’ve written about the place before; Shane and I went there as kids (they have a family side, too), and recently went back a couple of times. It’s a neat little local place, and I love giving our business to these kinds of places. The new highway bypass could be a problem for places like Pat’s, so I want to try to help them as much as possible. It’s easy to do with Pat’s, because they have an extensive menu with great food! Mom A. really enjoyed her lightly battered and fried fish, Ken had a burger, and I had a beef sandwich that was a cross between a Philly Cheesesteak and a French Dip. Yummy!

While we were there, one of the screens was showing the AMC marathon of “The Walking Dead.” It turns out that our bartender/server had never watched it, and had just started watching the marathon today while she was at work. She was totally hooked! We were like “Ohhh, it’s the best!” and she kept asking us questions. “Does he find his wife and kid this season?” (That was easy to tell her yes, because Rick and Lori and Carl found each other again in the episode that was showing right then.) But then she was asking if Lori tells Rick about her and Shane, and if Rick kills Shane, and we said, “You have to watch. We can’t tell you.” Haha! She was just dying to know what happens, but we weren’t going to spoil the surprises. We just said to keep watching, and if it got busy and she couldn’t watch that evening, we recommended getting the DVDs. I said, “The second season gets even better!”

We’re still watching the marathon, and it’s a good reminder of just how great the show is.

Oh, and I took a brief nap when we got home today, too! I honestly can hardly wait for the temperature to drop off a bit so I have more energy and can get back to my workouts. This seems to be happening right now, and it is such a relief to have the windows open and feel some fresh air that doesn’t feel like I just opened the oven! Ahhhh!


  1. A fun couple of days, but glad the mercury is headed down...

  2. i never knew how much i appreciated a/c until the last 7 days happened! the people i nanny for now have a dip pool so i'll be experiencing happy pool time 3 days a week until the end of the summer. or watching the nannykins enjoy it- i dont like swimming but it is nice to cool off in.


  3. It is super hot everywhere!

    I didn't even enjoy the pool today because the water was too warm like a bath.

    Sure it cools off for everyone.

    Hugs, Rose


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