Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goin’ down, revisited

Norman tongue2 croppedI feel the need to clarify my previous post about the risks of oral sex and the lack of adequate information about sex in our schools. If my words implied that there is no sex education taking place in our schools, then I didn’t convey my thoughts well.

Of course, there is sex education happening. There was when I was in school, for Pete’s sake.

However, there are still many schools that push an abstinence-only approach; I’m betting that religious schools aren’t real big on teaching safe sex. They’re just saying “Don’t do it.” There is a constant fight to keep state legislatures from limiting the information available in public schools because of outcries from religious conservatives who think that having their kids hear anything about SEX is going to drive them straight into promiscuity. There is also a huge backlash against the HPV vaccine from religious conservatives who think that such a vaccine will also lead to promiscuity.

It seems that in the religious conservative world, all informational roads lead to promiscuity. Hmm.

The truth is that many teenagers think that oral sex is safe sex. (You can read the full CDC report on oral sex here.) In that respect, our sex education is failing kids because we are not teaching them all the risks or giving them all the information that is available. Hell, I bet most adults think that oral sex means safe sex. I stand by my original remarks that we are a nation of prudes that is afraid to talk about such things in a frank and honest way. When I have discussions with friends overseas, they are amused by us, feeling that we are uptight about nudity and sexuality. It’s true, and I chalk it all up to the religious right.

In the meantime, we’ve still got 11 and 12 year old girls getting pregnant. So tell me again how the sex education in our schools is so exceptional?


I would also like to address comment moderation here. I do not have moderation enabled, but as sole proprietor of this hyeah blog establishment, I reserve the right to kill any comment at any time. I do not object to alternative viewpoints, but I object to certain people with a vendetta leaving comments here. What part of “get out of our lives” don’t you understand? I may let some of your comments stand just for humorous purposes, but chances are better than average that anything you leave here is going to be deleted, because you are not welcome here. I don’t think I can make it any clearer than that. My advice to you is to make an honest attempt to move on, because it’s obvious that even after over a decade, you still have not.

My blog, my rules. It’s as simple as that.


  1. ... hmmm... I have been wondering WHERE my comments were going..! :0)

    Abstinence only is the most ignorant policy ever in regards to social welfare... there is no option left for those who can't "just say no"... not only are abstinence only policies failing, they are becoming even more dangerous as the lack of education is continuing...

  2. Mark beat me to the punch with his first line!

    I fully understood your stance in your last post. Most adults DO NOT consider oral sex risky and some don't even consider it SEX! ;)

    I've heard about the rainbow parties and the like. I know kids are doing oral and they seem to be doing a lot of it. Not talking about it or teaching is irresponsible on the part of adults.

    It is YOUR blog and YOUR rules, too bad some folks can't seem to get that through their head.

    I'm not a Prude!

  3. It is pathetic how certain people cannot move on...


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