Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Stones stuff

Stones vodka4Last week, I saw on Twitter that the Rolling Stones were teaming up with Crystal Head vodka for a limited edition Stones 50th anniversary package.

Well, I was on that like milk on cereal, let me tell ya!

My friend Stephen knows how much I love the Stones and sent me a link to a UK shop that was selling it, but I figured the shipping costs would be crazy. So I did a little searching and found a place here that was selling it for a good price and ordered it immediately. I love their name, too: Liquorama! It was not cheap, but the package is just beautiful.

It’s a little box with a zipper on the front (sadly, it is not a working zipper...*pout*), harkening back to the famous Andy Warhol “Sticky Fingers” cover. The glass skull-shaped bottle is nestled inside, with a Stones tongue logo behind it. The little pull-out drawer beneath the skull contains a double disc of Stones songs. Also included is a glass stopper with the tongue logo embedded within.

This baby really is gorgeous. Even Ken had to admit that yeah, that was worth the price.

If anyone comes over, you’ll know you’re special if I crack open the Crystal Head. For now, I plan on just tucking it away as a collectible. It makes it extra-special that we actually went to one of the shows on the 50 and Counting tour!

Incidentally, Crystal Head vodka is Dan Aykroyd’s baby. I’d heard of it before, but had never bought a bottle. I couldn’t resist this one with the Stones tie-in!

Rolling Stone letter redactedAlso, about an hour before we headed up to the show on Friday, I saw that I had an email from Rolling Stone magazine. I had sent in a comment on their Rolling Stones cover article, and they said they planned on publishing it and wanted to confirm that I was who I said I was and that I am from where I said I was from. Sure enough, I just got the latest issue, and there I am! So I got an email from Rolling Stone just before I headed up for a Rolling Stones concert because they wanted to publish my letter about the Rolling Stones in Rolling Stone.

So meta!


  1. That is just sooo freakin' cool..! Man, the fan girl in you has to be screaming and jumping on her bed..!


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