Friday, June 7, 2013

O the horror!

Rocky HorrorTomorrow is going to be a good time, because we’re getting together with Shane and Matt. And that’s always a good time!

FIrst, we’re heading to their place to have our Christmas exchange.

YES, I know it’s June! We didn’t quite make it to the point where we could say it was Christmas in July, but it was pretty damn close! Based on everyone’s schedules and activities, we just haven’t managed to do this before now. We’ve seen them a couple of times since Christmas, but it was going out and to a show where we couldn’t exchange gifts. It will be fun! Merry effin’ Christmas!

Then we’ll head to fabulous downtown South Bend and grab a bite to eat at CJ’s Pub (great burgers!) and hang out there until it’s time for the midnight showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the equally fabulous State Theater.

It’s been about thirty years since I last saw Rocky Horror, guys. I saw it in college at a midnight movie with my friends Barb and Babes. It’s going to be fun to see it at the renovated beauty (work in progress) State Theater! Thanks to Drew for reserving four tickets for us!

You can count on pictures! I’m breaking out the fishnets!


  1. That is going to be a blast!! I haven't seen this in our area in many, many years. Enjoy and MERRY CHISTMAS!

  2. Another first for me, what a year...

  3. I haven't seen that since high school... I hope the crowd is really dressed and 'prop-tastic' for the show..!

  4. Toucha toucha toucha touch me.... I wanna be dur ur ur ty!


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