Sunday, June 2, 2013

Post-concert Blues

Walk of shameI gots ‘em.

Yesterday, I was still basking in the afterglow, and stayed up really late. (Messaged with our friend Andy...he’ll be back from Afghanistan in a week. Yay!). Today I awoke to a cool, slightly overcast day and the realization that the concert was behind me. I wrote to a friend that I feel like I spent the night with the Stones and they worked me over good. Now I’m doing the Walk of Shame, high heels in hand and panties in purse.

But I wouldn’t take a minute of it back, and I’ve got a wicked little grin on my face as I think about what we did.

(For those of you offended by my crudity, come on. It’s me, Beth. You know how I get!)

Anyway, I got up and around and did a few things, and of course, turned on some music. Things are a little better. Music makes everything better, don’t you think? It sure does for me.

I was afraid this would happen. I wrote yesterday that sometimes when you anticipate something like this, it’s easy to be let down. In this case, just the opposite happened. It was even better than I’d anticipated. Often when I have an amazing time or experience something this wonderful, I feel the inevitable sense of loss and letdown. Like, “Aww, man. It’s over.” I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences that.


But if I need a Stones fix, I’m covered. I’ve got books about them, I just got the “Crossfire Hurricane” documentary, I’ve got another DVD of one of their concerts (Thanks, Mark!), and of course, I’ve got the music. There will always be the music...for when I need some Stones inside me.


  1. ... you know, as bad as I have been, I would hardly allow someone 'the walk of shame'... that might spark a flame... who knows...

    I am glad that you enjoyed the show... you and Ken both inspire me to continue on my quest to line through the few items left on my bucket list..!

  2. It was such a good time, glad we made it happen!


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