Monday, July 1, 2013

A surprisingly good girl

Night owlThat's me these past few days…a good girl and always a night owl! A lot of times when Ken goes on a trip, I somehow manage to stay up until the wee hours, often going to bed at 4 or 5 AM. Since I try to get up by 10 AM, that means I don't get a lot of sleep on those nights.

I did have one night like that—I think it was Saturday night—but otherwise, I've been getting to bed at a decent time, at least for me. The evenings have cooled off a bit, enough so that Sheeba came in and curled up with me last night, and slept pressed up against my back the entire night.

To be honest, I think tonight will be another late night. I'll be watching "Under the Dome" at 10 PM, and I already have a bit of a hankering for some Rock Band after that. We'll see. I've watched very little TV while he's been gone...not even any Norman Reedus movies or "The Walking Dead"! But there is a big AMC Dead-A-Thon coming up over the long weekend, Thursday through Sunday; there will be previews of Season 4 and interviews with the cast and crew. Oh boy! I recently watched S1 and S2 again, so I'm not so worried about revisiting those at the moment, but I'm planning on watching all of Season 3 again on Saturday. The DVD doesn't come out until late August, so I really want to watch this marathon showing of the entire season.

I spent some time reading on the deck today (although it was mostly overcast, I still managed to catch a few rays), ran some errands, did some (minimal) housework, and treated myself to a deli sandwich for a dinner because I just did not feel like doing any cooking tonight. It's waiting for me in the fridge, and I'll probably have that when I sit down to watch "Under the Dome." I look forward to seeing the citizens of Chester's Mill freak out when they start figuring out that they're in some deep shit. We started off with a bang with the Split Cow and the Exploding Pacemaker...let's see what they've got for us this week!

I hope your day was a pleasant one!

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  1. You did seem surprised when you saw I was still up after "Under the Dome". LOL. I am not the night owl I used to be.

    I hope we see the sun again. I'm beginning to wonder.


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