Thursday, July 4, 2013

Takin’ care of business

Green Day American IdiotI got an early morning phone call today from the other septic company that was supposed to take a look at our “dose tank.”

Okay, so early morning for me is 9 AM, but whatever. Anyway, they could come out in the late afternoon and check it out and see what we needed to do. I got up and around and ran my errands in the morning so I could be home in the afternoon.

By “errands” I mean “beer run.”

Got home, did my weights, called my Mom and arranged to go and see her on Sunday, headed out to the deck to catch some rays...and the company showed up almost two hours early! Glad I got stuff done when I did! We needed a new pump, and they stuck around to install it. Really nice guys, and they even put all the dirt back in place where they dug, and raked it all nice and neat. We’ll be going on vacation soon, so I was happy to get that taken care of before then.

We also got the tickets for our Broadway Theater League shows, including the information about the two extra shows that aren’t part of the season, “Stomp” and “American Idiot.” We saw the former a few years ago, and agreed that we weren’t really interested in seeing it again, but you’d better believe I am ALL OVER “American Idiot!” There was an order form included for extra tickets, and I called the box office to ask if I could just send that in now, because we’re going to be out of town when they go on sale in a couple of weeks. Not a problem, the guy said, so that is all filled out and I’ll mail it tomorrow. I hope we get good seats! The show isn’t until next April, so I have plenty of time to look forward to it...and plan my outfit! Haha!

I made burritos tonight, and I tried my first ever made-from-scratch sangria, and let me tell you, this stuff is FANTASTIC. I just kind of made it up, too! I had a general idea of what to put in it, and used what I had in the fridge. BOOM, good stuff!

Tomorrow will be a Nutwood day...ribs, cucumbers, corn on the cob. More tomorrow, and I hope everyone has a great holiday!

Rock on, Citizens!


  1. Sounds good... hope that you enjoy your show and that was actually good timing on the septic thingy... that kind of stuff is notorious for friggin' up when home owners are away for awhile..!

  2. Good thing we have funds in the house fund, a big unplanned expense. Looking forward to five good shows this season with the Theatre League!

  3. MMMMM, homemade Burritos, sounds good to me. I hadn't realized I was so far behind on your entries!! :/


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