Saturday, July 6, 2013

And now…a song!

Green Day3Just for a change of pace, it’s a—nah, totally kidding, it’s another Green Day song, obviously.

We went down to see my Mom today (she’s doing well!), and on the way there and back, we played the CD I got this week, “21st Century Breakdown.” (Yes, I am behind. I am quite aware of that! Better late than the Twelfth of Never, right?) The song that immediately struck me was “Peacemaker.” I LOVE this song, and Ken liked it, too. I had to play it twice, and I’ve listened to it a couple more times since we got home.

I love the minor tone; I find that I am often drawn to songs with a minor tone. I love that pause in the last word, and then the final scream of the last syllable. The lyrics don’t really speak to me other than the sense of rage, especially what seems to be religious rage. It’s just a really kickass cool song, an auditory grenade. What a blast!

Well, I've got a fever
A non-believer
I'm in a state of grace
For I am the Caesar
I'm gonna seize the day
Well, call of the banshee hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey
As God as my witness
The infidels are gonna pay

Well, call the assassin
The orgasm
A spasm of love and hate
For what will divide us?
The righteous and the meek
Well, call of the wild hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey
Death to the girl
At the end of the serenade

Vendetta, sweet vendetta
This Beretta of the night
This fire and the desire
Shots ringing out on a holy parasite

I am a killjoy from Detroit
I drink from a well of rage
I feed off the weakness
With all my love
Call up the captain hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey
Death to the lover that you were
Dreaming of

This is a stand off
A Molotov cocktails
On the house
You thought I was a write off
You better think again
Call the peacemaker hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey
I'm gonna send you back to the place
Where it all began

Well now the caretaker's
The undertaker
So I'm gonna go out
And get the peacemaker
This is the neo
St. Valentine's Massacre
Well call up the Gaza hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey
Death to the ones
At the end of the serenade

Well, death to the ones
At the end of the serenade


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  1. "A spasm of love and hate", I'm digging that line.


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