Thursday, July 4, 2013


TWD MarathonI hope everyone has enjoyed their Fourth, and is still continuing to enjoy it!

We’ve been having a relaxing day at Nutwood, with a brief run up to the Ford dealer to drop off Ken’s Mustang to be worked on tomorrow. We wanted to be sure we get it in and serviced before we head to Florida in a week or so. Ken mowed the yard, I spent a little time out on the deck, and worked on getting stuff ready for dinner tonight.

But mostly I’ve been glued to AMC watching the weekend marathon of “The Walking Dead.” It started at 1 PM today, and will go through Sunday. All the episodes of all three seasons, plus interviews with cast and crew members. I really had not intended to watch these—we have both Season 1 and 2 on DVD—but once I started, I just couldn’t turn it off. Even Ken was glued to it for a while until he headed outside. I love seeing some of my favorite moments (The introduction of Daryl, anyone? Kicking a walker and yelling, “This filthy, disease-bearing, motherless, poxy bastard!” Love it!), as well as knowing how the characters develop. Some very sad moments, too, because I know what happens to a lot of these people.

Everything is almost ready to go for dinner, and although it’s overcast, I think the rain will hold off and let us get the ribs grilled. It kind of makes me laugh that we’ll be gnawing on barbecued ribs after watching “The Walking Dead.” nom nom nom They’re showing the first season again in black and white, so we won’t watch that (although that opening scene with Rick Grimes and the little girl zombie is awesome in B&W!), but in keeping with the zombie and rib-gnawing theme, tonight’s movie of choice is one of my favorite zombie movies, “Return of the Living Dead.” Split Dog! Yip! Yip! Yip! (No dogs were harmed in the making of this movie or in this blog entry.) "Send...more...paramedics...."

Do ya wanna party? It’s party time!


  1. Maybe I will do a dvd or netflix weekend and catch some of the episodes... have a nice trip..!

  2. What can I add? The show is the best on TV...the characters are awesome and it just rocks!

    Funny about the ribs & TWD. I would have to be a vegan zombie....nom nom nom, this carrot is tasty....grrrr. LOL.


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