Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another one bites the dust

FootballJust like that, the weekend is almost over!

It was a pretty low-key one for us, and that was perfectly fine. We had planned on going to the local NPR station’s Music in the Gardens Friday evening to hear the Whistle Pigs, but a torrential rain put the kibosh on that. We stayed home and finished Season 1 of “The Walking Dead.”

On Saturday, after our workouts, Ken met up with a former coworker who was in town, then visited his Mom, while I stayed home and enjoyed some time out on the deck and in the sun. It was going to be mostly talking shop, so I opted to stay home. It was a very pleasant day. In the evening, we had a barbecue and watched “42.” I can’t recommend that movie enough. It’s right up there in one of the best sports movies ever, in my opinion, but the main story is Jackie Robinson’s struggle as the first black man in major league baseball. Anyway, it was excellent!

Today was a visit to see my Mom in the afternoon (she’s doing well, and fed us a lunch that put me into a bit of a carb coma), and then back home—top down on the Mustang!—do a few chores (including Ken mowing the lawn) and now some relaxation. And it’s that time of year...pre-season football! YEEEEES! I really don’t care much about pre-season ball, and I don’t care much about the Cowboys or the Dolphins, but just hearing the sound of it, the chatter on the field, the music, those three letters together...N, F, and L...ahhh! I’m a happy girl! Hard to believe that our first Notre Dame game is in less than a month! We’re hoping for a nice day so we can tailgate.

Also mixed in this weekend was me finishing one book (People of the Book) and starting another (’s been years since I read it, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I enjoy it as much as I did years ago). Glad to be getting back into my reading.

I hope you all had as pleasant a weekend! Oh, and I hope President Obama had a pleasant day today, too...his 52nd birthday! I love my President!


  1. Great weather yesterday and today...

  2. I am re-reading "Under The Dome". I think it will be interesting now that I am watching the series.

    Sounds like a great weekend - even without the Whistle Pigs.


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