Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer revels

Nutwood spring 2013First, thanks to everyone who expressed support here and on Facebook about my last entry. Knowing that you guys care and hate the BS as much as we do means more than you can imagine.

No worries about us. This is stuff that we’ve suspected for a long time, and having it confirmed is actually a bit of a relief. We know now that we weren’t imagining the manipulation; it really happened. We will keep on keepin’ on, just like we always do! Team Nutwood is strong!

Seeing all the supportive comments made me wonder (even more) about anyone who would consider my friends “minions.” I guess the concept of having true friends is beyond anyone who has to rely on unknown blog commenters as a source of support and friendship. Incidentally, “true friends” is the code phrase used between the blog author and “Stuart” so that he would know the blog author was writing about him. Awww, isn’t that cute? Maybe I should start up code phrases with some of you! [talking out of the side of my mouth] “Don’t eat the watermelon. Mr. Smith says it’s spoiled.” I will respond only if you give me the appropriate counter-phrase. Heh.

Anyway, that’s silly stuff, although still kind of funny. The truth is that this person no longer has any leverage over us. Perhaps that is what is fueling the anger, jealousy, and obsession—they know that they have no power any longer. Hell if I know. But the threats are idle and impotent. We’ll go about our business of having fun and living our lives, and if they continue to obsess over us, then it’s no skin off of my back!

Now...onward to fun stuff! The weekend is only half over, but it’s already shaping up to be a dandy. The weather is wonderful, and while Ken ran some errands he needed to take care of this afternoon, I got my workout in and then got some good outdoor deck time. We plan on grilling both nights. Tonight was hamburgers, corn on the cob, zucchini and onions, all on the grill. Tomorrow will be steak, salads, and potatoes. It seems like the summer is starting to wind down...I’m already noticing that the angle of light on the deck is starting to change. We’re happy to have a weekend at home to just enjoy Nutwood and the great weather. We’re heading up to Chicago next weekend, and soon Notre Dame football will be starting. These summer weekends are dwindling quickly, and I’m trying to soak up as much fun as possible while I can!

During my workouts lately, I’ve been listening to some vintage Green Day. Vintage, like 20 years ago...hard to believe! Yesterday was “Insomniac,” and today was “Nimrod.” It’s been quite a few years since I listened to these, and other than the hits, I didn’t remember many of the songs. Today I was blown away by a song on “Nimrod”: “Last Ride In.”

Anyone who has been reading me for a while knows how much I love surf music. Whether it’s the pure stuff from the ‘60s or the modern stuff from the ‘90s and beyond, I love the whammy and the twangy guitar. Dick Dale or Los Straitjackets, it’s all good stuff. (Oddly enough, I’m not a huge fan of the Beach Boys...but I consider them more of a pop group than a surf band. Some might disagree.) I had completely forgotten about “Last Ride In,” which is absolutely a surf music song, with all the wistfulness and happiness that these songs bring to me. I was pleased to find the video and see that it has a bit of that “summer feel” to it, with some skateboarding and driving around in a super cool car. This song is the soundtrack for my weekend.

I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours is this weekend. If you play this song, turn it up and think sunny thoughts!


  1. I would have missed all secret messages and code words anyone would have left... I rarely, if ever, read what others have left in anyone's blog in the way of commentary... I think the point of leverage having been done away with prolly is driving your 'biggest fan' a little batty...

    The Beach Boys are both beach music and pop... they can't help that their genius in songwriting sprung them from being piegon-holed as 'surf music'..!

  2. It is nice after all these years to no longer hold back for fear of even more enstrangement, course we had no clue that the real damage had already long been done...


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