Thursday, August 8, 2013

Letters…I get letters

well_well_wellI recently got a few verrrrry interesting emails, with a couple of big em-effin’ attachments.

It seems that someone has been quite naughty and telling tales out of school!

Let’s see. How to word this? I got a rather bizarre email from someone saying that they had found my email address through my blog, and they felt they had to write to me and tell me what was going on. It seems this person had stumbled upon a blog that he found interesting due to some common issues, and he began an email correspondence with the blog author. It didn’t take long for him to get an earful about me and Ken.

I didn’t respond much to this person. Mostly just “thanks for the information.” I’m not sure what kind of soap opera was happening there, but I can tell you that I do not dig soap operas, and I don’t like having them dumped in my lap. I also found the tone more than a little odd, with talk of “atonement,” and some stuff about telling me because he was so ashamed that he had sinned by participating in malicious gossip. Whew. Okay, whatever. I did say that since he found my email through this blog, it’s obvious that know...write a blog...and I would be writing about this. He said he understood and that was part of his “penance” (!!!), but please don’t use his real name due to some ongoing legal issues. Fair enough, so I shall call him...Stuart.

Apparently, this blog author told Stuart all kinds of nasty things about me and Ken, and said that I am constantly writing bad things about them and their family. If writing about music, movies, books, and politics is writing bad things, then I guess I’m guilty as charged! Unfortunately for the blog author’s case, they sent Stuart here to my blog, as well as to my Twitter account, and he found my YouTube account on his own. He wrote that he saw a very different picture than what was portrayed to him...that it seemed that I was the one being harassed. He was told that I was following this blog author on Twitter, but I am not; they are following me. I guess ol’ Stuart got a bit of an epiphany after checking things out for himself.

He decided to send me all the emails that this blog author wrote to him. He said he saved them all, something about God telling him to save them. Okayyyy. There were some quite interesting things said, things that don’t exactly jibe with reality.

  • When Ken left, he said that he “didn’t want to be a father.”
  • He took every dime and left without providing any way to pay for housing or food. I guess that $3200 each month just wasn’t enough, and after the blog author remarrying two months later, $1600 a month wasn’t enough either.
  • When Ken left, the blog author “didn’t see another dime (for 7 years) until I took him to court for a child support increase.” See above. $1600 per month. That’s lots of dimes.
  • Ken refused to pay for band fees, new eyeglasses, clothing, his half of one kid’s braces...all complete lies.
  • Ken left them without health insurance. Health insurance was provided through the time specified.
  • After letting one kid use a chainsaw while here (didn’t happen...EVER), Ken told the other kid to go inside and do “women’s work” with me. This is completely laughable. Like I would ever be on board with calling certain chores “women’s work,” or have a partner who felt that way!
  • It was admitted that Ken’s phone calls were never answered...on purpose. Calls were screened, and if it was our number, the phone wasn’t answered.
  • When asked for advice about talking to a child about visitation, the blog author wrote, “If he sees and hears from you that you really don’t want him to go, then he’ll reflect that back.” So this person admits to manipulation of the kids.
  • Apparently, I was a problem from the day that Ken married me...I objected to money being taken out of my “play fund.” Also a complete lie. According to this person, I am “evil and wicked,” and I convinced Ken to leave his faith, switch political parties, and estranged him from his children.
  • The blog author wrote that they were living an “existence of revenge.”
  • It was admitted that the blog author feels hatred for me. Also that they are jealous of us. The blog author feels that I am “always aiming my words” at them. Paranoid much? Egotistical much?

Honestly, I’m surprised that tongue doesn’t just leap out of that mouth and run screaming down the hallway, because this is complete and utter BULLSHIT. And that blog author knows it. I thought the Republican party was the master of revising history, but there’s a new delusional sheriff in town!

This person gave out our full names, our general location, and steered Stuart to my social network sites. Granted, since I have a social network presence, my name and location are out there. But I really don’t appreciate a total stranger being directed to my information. I have to wonder at someone who is so desperate and needy that they feel the need to strike up a personal correspondence with a stranger, but it seems that their appetite for the chance to talk some shit about me and Ken trumped their judgment. It’s a terrible thing to have zero impulse control. If I’ve learned anything from blogging for going on seven years, it’s that you don’t engage with complete strangers, not on a personal level. I don’t have a huge following on here, but I have enough visitors to exercise caution when dealing with commenters that I don’t know. I hope that at least that blog author didn’t give out any personal information, like the kids’ names and ages, or their cell phone number. Oh...wait....

I guess someone forgot how to Internet. Oops!

Prince questions your judgment.

There was also a lot of weird stuff.

  • The blog author still cries, “to this day,” over the loss of Ken.
  • A special “code phrase” so that Stuart would know when the blog entry was about him. Ooo, spy shit! The Fat Man sleeps at midnight!
  • A paragraph about a husband and wife at church, exchanging glances, shushing the kids as they color on the church programs, and coming home to a perfectly roasted leg of lamb, sitting in front of the fire with a brandy...go ahead and look at the Prince thing again. It is applicable for this.
  • One thing they wrote that I can agree with: “Pretty comes from within.” Very true words.
  • Stuart’s emails made the blog author feel like “a young girl on a summer’s day, twirling in a party dress.” Yep, back up to the Prince GIF again. Twirling! In a party dress! Seriously?

I’m going to address the blog author directly here: When you commented on my YouTube video a while back, I suggested that you get help, because you need it. Your response was “Fuck you.” I suggest that you revisit my idea. Your level of obsession and jealousy is out of control, and apparently your own family has questioned your behavior. If you don’t want to get help for your own sake, do it for your family’s sake. If your attitude and obsession is causing problems in your own home, then any person with an ounce of self-awareness would recognize that and take steps to correct it. Especially a “fucking psychology graduate,” as you put it. The fact that you were so willing to engage with this commenter and so willing to tell lies about both me and Ken shows that you have not moved on, in any way, shape, or form. You still seem to have feelings for Ken, and you seem to have an irrational and obsessive hatred of me. Surely you realize that is not normal...right? And you DO realize that Ken paid monthly child support, and never missed a payment...right? You have to remember that, so why are you lying?

You got busted. You got busted BIG TIME. We now know that our fears of you manipulating the kids are founded, and that your bitterness, hatred, and jealousy led you to alienate the kids from their father, or as you like to call him, the “Sperm Donor.” Charming. So there you have it. Good luck with your life. As a good friend of ours once said about you, “She’s bitter and boring. And I don’t do bitter and boring.”

Oh, and one more thing, she said in her best Lieutenant Columbo voice.

115 pounds?

One hundred and fifteen pounds?

What do you say, Dr. Evil?


  1. I think I caught many flies in my agape mouth as I read the unbelievable lies that were perpertrated in the attempt to build sympathy. My anger goes very deep on this.

  2. Holy Guacamole! People never cease to amaze me. Peace to you and Ken. xoxo

    1. I agree, I'm curious is this jerkoff the same person that sent you unpleasant emails about two years ago?

      Too many Sickos out there.

  3. :-)

    PS: this is "Ollie" from Facebook; Harriet is my "joke" name (after Harriet Miers)

  4. If you remember, it was through "The Blog Author's Blog" that I found yours, wasn't it? And I still follow you and Ken... hmmmmm, at least something good came of this. Her obsession is just spooky- for the love of Mother Earth, woman, get a hold of yourself! Wallowing in self pity, spreading gossip and rumor among strangers, and ongoing jealousy and hatred are not healthy!

  5. Having encountered this blog author before, I can only offer condolences and an empathetic and sad nod of the head to all Beth's suggestions to seek professional help.

    Therapy is your friend blogger!

  6. so sad.


    i hope the kids get a chance to see both sides, someday. knowing the truth about my situation changed my life.


  7. I feel bad that you and Ken have endored this drama all over the Internet. It is just wrong.

    But, consider the source and ignore the words that come out of stupid people. I didn't say it would be easy but surely worth it.


  8. Wow... talk about delusional... this is something I would be very careful of... things could escalate quickly... distance doesn't matter (see, NOWAK, LISA)... You would think that people would tire of using children like this... it is a form of child abuse, really...

    But I have to admit, it makes for very good reading... do I hear a book idea skittering around..?

  9. I read this post last night. I was going to comment but I wanted to read it again just be sure I was reading this right.

    I am at a loss for words. You & Ken don't deserve BS like this. I hope the person gets a life of their own and stays out of yours.

  10. Well! I get busy with Real Life, I put off reading blogs for a while, I get a breather, I decide to do some catching up with my Blogger friends, and....Good Grief!! Did I pick the right time to visit your blog or what!?! I have to say that my first thought when I started reading this post and realized what had happened was, "Oh Good! Someone has actually realized what is going on here and let you know that he realizes it." Remember when "the Blog Author" visited my and Eler Beth's blogs and made comments several years ago? I very kindly, as one does, returned the favor, took a look at her blog and left a comment. Then later I took a longer look at her blog and thought, "Ohhkayy, this lady has some problems. I don't think I want to engage with her." And after that you emailed me and let me know who she was. So rest assured, as I'm sure you certainly will now that Stuart has contacted you, some people DO realize how sad, bitter, and paranoid she is. They DO do some due diligence (to many "DOs") to see how credible she is. And as for "Stuart", although I know he probably seems a bit fanatically Christian to you (and to me, too, actually), he does seem sincere, and I admire him for contacting you AND for feeling the need to. He obviously would have felt like a hypocrite, if he hadn't.

  11. That is, if the guy is for real!

  12. I'm a little slow tonight. I just got it. "Stuart!" That pseudonym is a bit of joke, isn't it? lol

  13. Dear Jesus...this is never going to end for you, is it? Even after the kids are full adults, she will be there to cause issues and for that i am truly sorry. She needs to get a life, as my dad would say. It takes all kinds, Beth.....i seriously think she needs to get mental help.....and fear she never will. I truly hope some day that you and Ken are able to see his children and reestablish a loving, caring relationship with them. I did call my first husband the "sperm donor" till his death. Now, well, his name never comes up. But he was a really shitty dad from day one. I do not believe for one minute that Ken is a shitty dad. Love you....always. You are a wonderful person, wife, friend. I know that for a fact.


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