Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Brain That Wouldn’t Shut Up

Busy BrainI had one of those restless nights last night that I think most of us have every so often.

I went to bed early and read for a while. Of course, ‘early’ for me is relative...I was asleep by about 1 AM. I conked out pretty good, but had a lot of weird dreams, including one in which I was in bed and very restless. Never doubt...dreams CAN come true! Then we got a fairly heavy rain, and although that’s usually a soothing sound to me, it served to wake me up this time.

Then it was game on. That damn brain of mine would not shut up.

This wasn’t one of those dark nights of the soul, in which you think about all the stupid things you’ve done, or the things you could have done better, or the things that make you go, “What the hell was I thinking?!”. A few of those thoughts crept in, as they inevitably do, but this was mostly thinking about cards I need to write, stories I want to write, what I’m going to make for dinner tonight, how I need to stop by on the way home from the grocery store and get a picture of that service station that appears to be a Lustron building before they tear it down for the new highway I should get some zucchini at the store because we can probably barbecue this weekend and don’t forget the sangria where’s Sheeba probably in the basement because it’s raining so hard but maybe I could get back to sleep if he came in and snuggled up with medon’tforgettodrythatloadoflaundryinthewasherdon’tforgettounloadthedishwasherhopeitclearsupthisafternoonwhatshouldItaketoChicagomanIreallyneedtovacuumEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Total brain overload. When Ken got up to get ready for work, I laid there for a couple of minutes wondering if I could go back to sleep, and Brain said, “Pfft. Don’t even think about it. Get your ass out of bed.” So I did, and that’s how I came to be up at 6:30 AM and posting a blog entry around 8 AM.

It’s not all bad, although my eyes feel tired and red-rimmed. I was able to see Ken off to work, I got a New York Times interview with President Obama read (I’d been meaning to get it read for several days now), I got a good jump on the day, and I should be able to get several things accomplished today. Right now, it’s tempting to curl up on the couch and take a little nap. Thanks a lot, Brain...NOW you want to shut up! But I’m going to putter around here and then get out to the grocery store early and see what all I can get done today.

Just watch...tonight, Brain will keep me up until 4 AM or some shit like that. What a smartass.

Shut up brain


  1. I can relate ~ I've been close to stabbing with a sharper object than a Q-Tip at times :/

  2. Then she pulled a late morning... Tired Girl!


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