Saturday, November 1, 2008

College football and death by elevator

Notre Dame lost to Pittsburgh today in...get this...FOUR overtimes. Ken and I were trying to remember if we've ever actually watched a game that went into four overtimes, and we don't think we have. I'm not upset about it, because Notre Dame had every chance to put the game away and win the thing, but they were unable to do so. Pitt won fair and square. Next week's game is at Boston College, and anyone who knows anything about Notre Dame football knows that Boston College ROBBED US of a championship several years ago, and of course, we've never forgotten it! And there is no way in hell I'm tagging this entry with Boston College, because I just don't want to hear it! Ha ha!

On the upside, Illinois beat Iowa, so one of our teams (Illinois is Ken's alma mater) won! And my Ball State Cardinals are still 8-0, and currently ranked #18 in the country (although they didn't play today)! I am sitting here proudly wearing my new Ball State sweatshirt that I picked up this week when we bought the exercise equipment. They had a table with kid-sized sweatshirts, and I found a Ball State one. While there are certain disadvantages to being of small stature, I've learned to embrace my small size and enjoy being able to buy a few things in the kids' department! We're talking a $10 difference in price when it comes to sweatshirts, so viva lá miniscule! (I know that's not a French word. I just liked phrasing it that way.)

Last night we watched "Thirteen Ghosts," and I have to say that I was a little disappointed. It had its creepy moments (and the Cagehead ghost running down the hallway sort of gave me the willies...okay, that definitely gave me the willies!), the house itself was very cool, eerie, and masterfully engineered (I loved the mosaic mechanism in the floor--great visual), but I just didn't find it all that scary. Maybe I'm inured to mildly scary and need really scary in order to feel that I've gotten my full fright's worth.

But I have to give "Thirteen Ghosts" a big thumbs-up (if not for the entire movie) for the guy who gets...well, how shall I put this? Imagine stepping part way out of an elevator, and before you can get all the way out, the doors slam shut. There is no sensor, no bounce-back...they just slam shut. Forcefully. While you are halfway through the door. Are you getting me? It took me a moment to realize what had happened, and I looked at Ken and said, "WHOA!" Yep, that was a good one. Nicely done! It rivaled the split dog scene in "Return of the Living Dead." (If any of you know what I'm talking about, you get double bonus points!) My friend Marty had a recent brush with a killer elevator. It could have been much, much worse, Marty! If you've seen this scene, you'll know that you escaped with nothing less than your back half!

So tonight's movie--which was already next on our scary movie queue--is "Hostel II." I suspect that might be a little more...intense, shall we say? The first "Hostel" creeped the hell out of me. Let the fright begin! HahahaHAAA!


  1. Fright Night indeed :o)

    I am sure Hostel II will be even more creepy than I (bwa ha ha ha HA). [pun intended]

  2. Now you know why I didn't want to give you any hints on Thirteen Ghost. It was a good flick, but on the lower scale of scare power. The thing is they could of taken the concept and ran with it. I haven't seen any of the Hostels. I'll have to look it up the next time I go to rent a movie. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Hi Beth,
    Thanks for jogging my memory. I knew there was something familiar about the elevator at the Hilton Narita Tokyo ... they must have shot "13 Ghosts" in it. I just hope the movie didn't feature an Evil Front Desk Manager who sends his victims a bottle of Japanese Antiseptic that looks and tastes like Soy Sauce ...!

  4. Would you be so brave if you didn't have KEN there!?!?! LOL!!


  5. The first "Hostel" made me angry -- this 'torture porn' stuff isn't scary. It's crap. Grrrr. I'm very opinionated about horror movies.


  6. Sounds like you two had a good Saturday. I have not even heard of that movie. Rick watched a movie called "Joyride" on Sat.

  7. That Notre Dame game was beyond belief. They're getting pretty good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Hope the next game fares better.


  8. Look, if I can sit thru '13 Ghosts', how scary can it be? But it wasn't so bad that I wanted to find the producers and get my time back from them!

    The last ND player that I actually liked was Tim Brown. He was a stud!

  9. I saw Thirteen Ghosts but I don't remember anything about it...hmmmm, I wonder why. I started to watch the Shining last night but got too creeped out. It was just not the right night to watch it, I was already anxious so I turned it off. I am such a sissy!!! ;)


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