Sunday, November 2, 2008

Keeping the evil spirits away

Rabbit rabbit rabbit!

I forgot to do that yesterday. Gotta keep the evil spirits away from Nutwood at the start of each month! Someday, I'll see if I can find the origins of that. I learned it from the Bob & Tom Show, so that should tell you something! Although now that I think about it, it has been a few years since evil darkened our door! I guess it knows when it's not welcome.

Today is Sherry's birthday, so pop over and wish her a happy one. She's a sweetheart!

I don't know what it is this morning, but I feel wondrously refreshed...almost as if I had an extra hour of sleep! (wink)

Russ (Who was my 100th follower, by the way...wish I had a Kewpie doll for you, Russ!) left a comment about the movie "Hostel," in which he calls it "torture porn." I don't recall the first one being that extreme...I found it very creepy, at least situation-wise, and fairly scary. Last night, we started watching "Hostel II," although we didn't finish it before SNL came on. Oh my God, it's awful! There is one scene where I turned to Ken and said, "I wouldn't and couldn't recommend this to anyone." (Two words: Elizabeth Bathory.) We'll finish it tonight, but Tarentino jumped the shark on this one. It's not amusing, it's not suspenseful, it's really not all that's just sadistic. So I'm with you on this one, Russ.

Next up is "The Hills Have Eyes" (the remake), followed by "Hellraiser." We might have to watch a non-horror movie in there somewhere. I think it was Joann who asked if I'm brave enough to watch horror movies when Ken isn't here. Generally, no. Ha ha! It depends on the movie. If it's something campy (we recently watched "Fright Night"), or only mildly creepy (I picked up "Carrie" not too long ago), that's no problem, but some of these would definitely creep me out if I were by myself. Ken has a business trip coming up later this week, and I'm probably more likely to watch something like "Airplane!"

I remembered to soak the black beans last night in preparation for the black bean soup in the crock pot. I'll get that going later. I sure hope it turns out okay...this is an experiment!

Oh, SNL! Ben Affleck hosted, and the skit where he played Keith Olbermann was brilliant! We'll see if NBC lets me embed. Again, a little long, but I've been watching Olbermann lately, and Affleck gets his outrage down perfectly! I hope Miss Precious Perfect isn't too badly emotionally scarred.

No, it is not letting me embed, although it gives me an embed code. Darn you, NBC! (shaking fist) Okay, click here to see the clip.


  1. Hi Beth,
    I agree, the Olbermann skit was funny ... though maybe a "little" over the top. I have to admit, I thought McCain (with Tina Fey) was hysterical at the show opening (he's really funny). Also, I thought the way he went along with the obvious insinuation that Palin is really out for herself (angling for the next Presidential race or for a TV deal) was a bit unusual. Sure, presidential candidates poke fun at themselves on SNL but in this case he allowed himself to appear in a skit where "Palin" came right out and said she's pushing for her own ticket in 2012. Go figure ...

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Hostel II I definitely don't want to watch torture porn. Went and wished Sherry a happy birthday, she seems a bit down and could use all the well wishes she gets. Sherry is a great person to know. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I can smell that soup cooking mmmmm sure will be good. Hope your Sunday is a great one! 'OnYa'-ma

  4. Ben did a great job hosting last night :o)

  5. I've never seen any of the hostile movies and now I guess I can say I am happy about that! I wouldn't like a sadistic movie. Tarentino is mad genious in my opinion, he is quite a character.

  6. I saw that skit, before I drifted off into the land of Nod ... I will keep your opinion of Saw movies in mind. Sometimes I like to test myself to see if I don't like slasher movies still ..!

  7. I have a hard time watching scary movies when everyone is home, I could never watch them alone. I am a big chicken. Linda

  8. I am so NOT a scary film person!!! Guess I'm just a big ol' fraidy cat :) Honestly, I steer clear of anything remotely scary or has the potential to me the creeps! I did see The Hills Have Eyes...YIKES!! I didn't sleep for weeks!!

  9. The Countdown parody was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long, long time. We have three cats, and I am calling them all "Miss Precious Perfect" (though two are male) for as long as they shall live.


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