Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Lady buzz

Idle thought while laying in bed this morning, shortly before I got up: Oh...that's why they're called the Baltimore Ravens! Huh. I never made the connection.

Isn't it amazing where your mind goes--and what it finds--when you let it roam?

A quick answer to a comment on my previous entry. Laura asked "I loved the description of the wedding. Did you have tall hair, too?" Although the 80's is known as an era of Big Hair, no, I never did, but it was a function of my hair type. It is straight as a stick, and sort of slick and smooth--and thin. It won't hold a curl, and most barrettes or other hair doodads won't stay in. I could sort of "rough it up" a little bit with lots of product, and make it look thicker and wavy, but I've never liked spending a lot of time on my hair. I went old school and did the hippy chick thing--long, straight, and bangs. (I even used to wear headbands! Ha ha!) I still have it that way. It's easy to take care of, and I can put it up in the summer and get it off my neck. Maybe I'll cut it one day, but I'm in no hurry.

Michelle Obama The President and Mrs. Obama are in London for the G20 summit. I know my British friends and their countrymen will take care of them and show them great hospitality! (Although there will be protests, as there are at every G20 meeting.) What's amazing to me is all the buzz about Michelle Obama. People seem to love her, and are fascinated by her! This will be a very complimentary entry about her, so if you don't care for her at all, you can probably skip this.

I have to say that I share their fascination. I think the woman is remarkable--smart, beautiful, cool clothes and great style, strong. Considering that much of the buzz is about her arms, I guess she's strong in more ways than one! She's so tall, too. She reminds me a lot of my former supervisor, Mary. Mary is also a tall, smart, and beautiful black woman. Maybe that's why I liked Michelle right off the bat, because she reminded me of Mary. Michelle is focusing her efforts on education, which is something I also care deeply about. And she put in a garden at the White House! I think she's just as cool as can be, and it really surprises me when I hear haters hate on her, because I wonder how you cannot like this woman. Much was made about her comment during the election about for the first time in her life, being proud of her country, but I think her words were purposefully misconstrued. I got what she meant. Of course, she's always been proud of her country, but as a black woman, how much more pride must she have felt with her husband running for the highest office in the land?

Anyhoo, I think Michelle Obama is a great role model, not just for black women, but for all women. I think she's wonderful, and I look forward to seeing her for the next four, maybe eight years!

Purple finch Exciting bird news--a new sighting! I glanced out and saw several finches, house and American Goldfinch, at the seed feeder. One of the house finches looked a lot redder than usual. I whipped out my trusty binoculars and took a really good look, even though he was just 15 feet or so away. He didn't have a brown cap! His head was all red, or as my Indiana book describes it, raspberry red. (Hey, he's wearing a Raspberry Beret. Hahaha!) He wasn't a house finch, he was a purple finch! In going on seven years at Nutwood, I had yet to see a purple finch, although I don't think they're all that uncommon. They're winter birds here, so I feel fortunate to have seen him before he headed back up North. This is a picture I found on the Web. I tried to get a picture of Mr. Purple and his wife, but they flew away both times I saw them.

I’m very pleased to have a new sighting. Cool!


  1. Your hair is beautiful! I think Michelle is an amazing woman too. Oh, how exciting seeing the Purple Finch. I would love to see one also.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I don't know why they call that a "purple finch." I looks red to me. As for Michelle Obama, I like her, too. I really enjoy watching her take down the president a peg or two -- good naturedly, of course -- in some of their interviews.

  3. I also have straight, thin and uncurlable hair.
    I have it cut so all I have to do is give it a shake and it falls into place. Which is excellent when you wear a OR hat all day.

  4. I think that she is so out of the sterotype ... and a lot of folks expected a woman to have more 'objective ambition', you know, as if being a wife and mother and as regal as is allowed a first lady, would not have been enough.

  5. Michelle Obama is the definition of elegance. Could we females ask for a more fantastic role model? I think not. She's smart, beautiful, independent, a devoted mom, a loving wife, and an all-around exceptional example to the world of what the possibility of America is. I couldn't be more thrilled to have Barack and Michelle in the White House. These last eight years have been as pitiful and painful as I hope to ever see in my lifetime. Thank God America finally came to its senses!!!

    I saw a movie this weekend called "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill." Phenomenal movie. I have a whole new appreciation for birds. (Raspberry Beret, too funny. Love that song!!)

  6. I want to like her, but for some reason, there is just something about her that rubs me the wrong way... Still, I agree with all you have to say about her. :)

  7. Jackie Kennedy was the most beautiful first lady to me, but now Michelle Obama has taken over the first slot.
    I too think she is remarkable!

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  9. (above post removed because it's early and I can't type)

    I don't think Michelle Obama is a good role model for women or for Black women.
    I think she's a good role model for all people.
    I think she--and her husband--are fantastic.

  10. She looks great in that dress doesn't she?? Those arms! One reason I don't wear sleeveless tops...now if my arms looked like that?? All the buzz in Europe is on Michelle's wardrobe and not the G20 meetings!

  11. I wonder if the First Lady mulches?

  12. I'm most impressed by Michelle's priorities. She clearly puts motherhood at the top of her list, even though she has every possible opportunity to occupy her time with other, more "glamorous" undertakings. She's just a strong-willed woman, and a fantastic role model.

    Speaking of birds, two owls flew low over my car yesterday... in broad daylight. Wow!

  13. Thank you Beth, for your words of encouragement.
    I saw a robin being blown all around yesterday. Your birds are cool.

  14. We sure are taking care of your first lady..Mind you we are asonished at the amount of security people that have come with them...hundreds !! also the huge special car...dear knows what it must have cost all yor tax payers...Today Michelle went with our Prime Ministers wife to a childrens centre and she had a cup of tea...though afterwards folks were saying that she might have prefered a coffee..everyone commented how lovely she was and talked freely to everyone. Both she and the President are shortly away to have a visit to our Queen. Bet they are all excited about that...I'm still laughing at the size of the security !!!!
    Love Sybil x


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